Friday, April 4, 2008

"Baby Killer McCain"

How can you be a hero when you fly above you enemy and drop bombs that you have no idea where they are going. How can you be a hero in an unjust war in a place called Vietnam. Only in America land of the brain washed can this happen. America goes into Vietnam, kills women and children, spays chemical on the Forrest, John McCain some how comes out a fucking hero. Didn't care for the Orientals of the World, killed them from the air. Didn't care for the blacks, voted against MLK day. Today of course he loves them all, sorry for his past regressions he says. How do you trust a baby killer? Volunteered to do it, just like his old man did. Says we need a bigger military to fight an imaginary enemy. Just part of the Military Industrial Complex, the very thing Ike, Kennedy and others warned Americas citizens about. An now America is living in that reality. Sad part if Obama gets elected and does what he says he's going to do, they will simple kill him. He knows that, everyone that elected knows that. If McCain gets elected the Military Industrial Complex has their corrupt guy in place. They'll just keep ignoring what the general public whats and make the military even more powerful and scary to the citizen of America. These are the cats you pay your taxes to. Bush gave these people free reign over America, to do as they please. Now even your air lines aren't safe. FAA bosses where told to back off from the Airlines and their safety inspections. The system keeps taking taxes from the citizens of American, for protection from these kinds of thing. But they don't have to deliver as long as they have Americans scared to death over some fucking terrorist getting them in Oakland. If the Saudis and the Chines decide to throw all their dollars in the open market, you'll see how quickly the county deteriorates. This is another by product of every thing that has been happening in the last seven years. A government on the take, exactly like Mexico, America has become a third World country. Your congressman trading off your best interests, for a little short lived power. This is the reality of what America has become, the smell of freedom has left the building. The powers that control politics, are in place long before any congressman arrives to start his first days in office. Play the game, get reflected, don't and your past will come out to haunt you. Killing for power in America is no problem, when you don't have a "God" their is no one to answer to. Simple reality of politics in America, look no farther than the deaths surrounding the Kennedy's and the Clinton's. And the system keeps reminding you how free you are. When a baby killer gets to run for president, and be called a hero. A twisted sick society, based on invasions of another country and no one seems to get it. John McCain is just another short fuck with a lot to prove. Married into money, been on the government payroll most of his life, now a fucking hero. this is the reality of American society, and Americans wonder why the rest of the World hates them? A brutal waring society, always looking for someone to invade, keeping the citizens in fear of a fake enemy. An now baby killer McCain whats his turn to be a puppet, a short mans dream, be president some day at any cost. McCain never advance beyond his short mans complex, like a gay discovering his dick, they never advanced beyond that. We'll soon see if any freedoms still exist after the election. If McCain wins, theirs your fix, if Obama's or Hillary win, then go back on their promises about Iraq, the fix. My guess no matter who wins, nothing will change. That train has left, took freedom with it. bye

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