Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Great Spirit in the Sky"

"Great Spirit in the Sky was what most Native America Indians called "God". Unfortunately those days are gone. The Christian Honkies destroyed that years ago. Christianity has no place for other thoughts in the religion. Just like Bush and Cheney, your either with us or against us bull shit mentality. The Jews and the Muslims are just as bad. No good in any of the three of them only control and death. Try and tell that to a member of any of them. the only way you would be apart of any religious order is you can be easily swayed, or brain washed. (Like the way people from sweat rooms call and say they are representing the cops or the fireman. Almost like you owe it to them, never letting you get a word in, until you just hang up. Living in America today, rude and soul less.) Back to the Indians, yesterday I noticed mot of the Kachinas where dark in color and not bright, as in a bright future. Are the "Hopi" carvers sending a message to the rest of the World. Them self not even noticing they had all gone to this seeming dark feeling to the Kachinas. They sure as hell aren't organized into meeting and deciding what will be this years colors. The "Hopi" reservation isn't exactly Madison Avenue, scheming the public, and deciding what the citizens will wear. I've added some photos from the Heard Museum taken Saturday. Try and visit each year, as the Heard people bus the "Hopi" carvers down from the reservation each year. White man still exploiting the "Hopi" to this very day. It works, the parking lot was full of cars, Heard was selling all kinds of food to the visitors, taking donations, making friends. At 5:00 P.M. give the carvers some nuts, vegetables and fruit, put them on the bus and send them back from where they came. If they sold their Kachinas good for them, if they didn't, tough, go back to the reservation broke. Good chance they arrived that way any way, just trying to make a few bucks from the Honkies. Spend a little "Time" with the "Hopi" and you soon realize just where you really stand as a White American. Not very high on the Totem pole, Honky. The "Hopi" will ever forget what the Christians did to them in the name of Jesus. If your white, you are guilty by association. The good part is "Hopi" accept us old Hippies, because we where in their prophecies, one of the reasons I was so welcome on Old Oribia. They had been waiting for my dumb ass, the Hippies where in their future predictions or prophecies. As it turned out, the Hippies where only accepted by the "Hopi" and not the Tewas. Some things never change, they do this each year. Not a good "Time" to try and sell your Kachinas, when the war pits Jesus against Ali and gas is at $3.50 a gallon. The "Hopi" are almost gone now, look at the photos, they just seem White now. Hard to even talk to them anymore, they have lost their ways to the Honky ways. Instead of being the Humble "Hopi" they act like the whites, pushy. As I went around the rooms an took my photos, always asking first, if I could. Explained to the carvers I picked out I would attach their Kachina photo and their address to my blog. Basically I was offering free advertisement on my blog. Knew someone was out their from when I had AdSense attached, dropped them for the 'Book of the Urantia', foundation, when they called. Small World, Gerry Quotskuyva, now living in Sedona, was one of the ads that ran under my blog.(posted his photo and address) The sad part not one even said thanks, it was always OK, as if I owed it to them for past aggressions, or what I like to call, the Native American right of passage. What can I say, can't much blame them. The "Hopi" where lucky they never had to leave for a reservation like almost all tribes had to. Look what happened to their neighbor and enemy the Navajo, and Navajo great march of death. To the "Hopi" it was their Karma, for past deeds done to the "Hopi", Yin Yang. The "Hopi" also knew that the Navajo would some day be one of the most powerful tribe in America. They now have the largest reservation in the nation and most people I believe. And now about to have Casinos. Doesn't familiarity bread a little contempt anyway. One thing all the "Hopi" still have in common, each one will tell you, this is the "End Times". Just as the Mayan, Bible, and "Hopi" have it, because Christianity couldn't kill their pure thought. Only one person knows for sure, "The Great Spirit in the Sky". bye

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