Monday, April 7, 2008

"A Broken Down Government"

Not some third World country, but America. What part of the federal government is truly functional? Afghanistan and Iraq get worse each day, the surge was a failure. Even if the surge seemed to work, all anyone had to do was wait for the troops to go home, then start the offencive attacks again, against the America backed Iraq government. Your government has allowed the drug and chemical companies to poison you through your drugs and food. Even the airplane you fly on is subject to corruption. What is not corrupt in the government would be an easier answer. Their are no such things as UFOs, the government tells the citizens. Mean while they studies the subject with, Operation Blue Book, for years on your tax dollar. Your dollar gets Moore and more worthless as the government prints more money it can't back. McCain promises if elected, he will build a bigger military to fight a invented enemy. McCain was created by the military for the military. Could care less about the truth being used in the government, little man thinks he a smart man, baby killer. Head lines should read, Vietnam baby killer runs for president. Yet some how he now is a hero from the Vietnam war. Vietnam was never even declared a war, only a police action. But here in America, the truth has no value, what so ever. Rest of the World tells their citizens their are UFOs running around in the sky. In America, they tell the citizens to make fun of who ever says they saw one. What part of the federal government is functioning to protect the citizens? Soldiers are being ran into the ground to protect all the lies the government has told it's citizens. Now tomorrow, general Petraeus will lie to the congress and citizens about how things are on the ground in Iraq. He has a pig he will try and paint a tie on. No mater what the out come the same old bull shit will just continue. To many lies have been told sense 911 to start telling the truth now. With 75% of the country not trusting what they are being told about the two wars. Yet nothing ever seems to stop the whores from killing your sons and daughter, for no good reason except money, money, honey. The American citizens or clones, just simply let it happen to them. Living in fear of their own government they pay their taxes to. (WOW) Next problem will be fighting the New World Order from being deployed, with out the citizens knowledge. You can't even get the clones to accept the idea that something is dreadfully wrong with the chem-trails in the sky. Scaring the citizens with the fear of the "Aliens" attacking America should be an easy sell. Clones never do any research on the subject, seem to trust what big government tells them. Boarder between America and Mexico is a joke, all part of the New World Order. The Mexicans roll into America and drive down wages to their level. To do that, you need ten people living in a two bedroom house. It would take hundreds of years to change the Mexican mentality, thus they bring those around them to their level. If you are smarter than me, I'll simply kill you, the Mexican mentality. Their always finding Mexican bodies out in the desert here in Arizona. Their is even Mexican gang wars going on here in Arizona, for control of the illegal smuggling. Mexicans are like the Blacks, seem to love killing themselves and other, neither seem to put much value in another's life. Just like Bush, Cheney and the military generals. The Mexican warlords and the part of the American government that lead America into to the mess it's into, are cut from the cloth. One proudly call himself a drug lord, the other proudly calls himself, an American hero. Create 911, then paint your self as the one who's going to stop the terrorist. Living in America, and watching from the sidelines, my, my. What a deceitful little part of the neighbor hood, called America. Where's Rumsfeld, Roe, Gonzales, Libby, are they still trying to unravel the Pat Tillman assassination? Who would be 'they', like the guys called 'they', who did the follow up on Kennedy and 911. America should know that, 'they' are the same ones doing the bad deeds. Like asking baseball clean up it's own steroids and stimulants problems. Barry Bond's and Roger Clemens lie finally caught up to them. Hopefully the lies of Bush and his gang of thieves will catch up with them. It happened to Nixon, why not to Bush and his thieves? Bonds and Clemens are out of baseball because of the lies, while they both still have the ability to play major league ball. Must be the trade off, to keep them both from going to jail. Will the same sort of thing happen to Bush, Cheney and gang? Steroids killed the purity of baseball. Bush, Cheney killed the purity of government, funny how the two seem to always run parallel to each other. You are who you are by the company you surround your self with. Power brokers own baseball teams and power brokers run the government. A country being broken down by a, 'broken down government'. bye

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