Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"The Kolbrin Bible"

Can't seem to escape finding new things to wrap my mind around. Might as well let others know what I've found now, seems to be my job, just no escaping it. Need for a new though roams through my head constantly. Started with the Urantia in my twenties, and never stopped. The "Christianity (Bible), Urantia, Aliens, Mayan (Popul Vuh), Hopi (Book of the Hopi), Sumerians, UFOs", now, Kolbrin Bible. Kolbrin Bible was preserved by Celtic priest after a fire, in Glasgow, Great Britain. The reading of it is like all great writing, such as the Popul Vuh or the Urantia. It has a natural flow of intelligence and makes the reader think of who is the author? But like the Popul Vuh and the Urantia the writer or writers are unknown. But the feeling the words are from a much higher source is all to familiar. And just as all religions or spiritual beliefs the Genesis story is the same, darkness and water. Mother earth, Father "Time", the creation. Just as the telling in the Popul Vuh and Urantia, man was made first of mud, sun, and a little spirit from "God". The Earth was feminine and the Womb. Man being from the Stars, bringing the new seeds or DNA. For the same reason "Hopi" men take on the women's name, man wasn't from the Earth, but the Stars. This is the scary part, the Hopi, Mayan, Old Testament, Sumerian, and many more beliefs, all have the so called, Planet X in their final "Time" scenario. The arrival of the Just One, or what each religion or belief call their "God". The Kolbrin calls the Planet, The Frightened. Having such a hard "Time" finding the word to fit this all together, but it fit all quite well. The "Hopi' have their own name for it, it has a swastika on it, many thought Hale Bop was the "Hopi" one returning. The Kolbrin and the "Hopi" both have the good mankind being taken under ground for save keeping and rebuilding of the planet, after Planet X leaves on it's orbit. The Bible has the same story of Noah's Ark, or the mother ship. All faiths believe mankind has a little bit of "God" in them. In the likeness of the creator, belief line. The Kolbrin has a story of great battles in the skies just as the Hopi and the Mayans have. Read same stories in the Kolbrin, then listen to the what some one the UFO witness said in Stephenville Texas, to what they saw. Watch the You Tube video on the Stephenville lights, long tale and all, spiting fire. All the exact same stories, this might just really be it. Kolbrin talks of how the men are weak mentally, just as the Hopi tales. All have Armageddon happening when certain events have happened, they all have happened. It's like sitting here waiting for "God" to divide up things. Save the good, leave the rest to their own demise. Is Planet X the cleanser, or tank flusher, that explaines the ending of the Popul Vuh, Hopi, Bible ending stories. Mankind always reaching a certain level of intelligence, then Planet X returns on it's orbit. By the "Time" of the return, mankind has forgotten what awaits him for his sins. It all fits to well, far to well, when "Time" changes "Time". Here we are at Santa Cruz again, Popul Vuh. bye PS Google or Yahoo it, you can find the book and read it on line for free, save a tree.

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