Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Ready Set, Go, Start Telling the Truth"

To many lies to many years, what a mess lye ahead for the federal government. As "Time" passes, the governments past keeps catching up with their lies. Now the World to see, that the great America, never even went to the Moon. Just one of a constant string of lies, back to, who knows for sure when the lies started, WWI? As I've written before, a little thing called Van Allen radiation belt, stops all mankind. Even told about in the Christian Bible, keeping a violent mankind in his place. "God" must have known how mankind would end up. Now the government wants to start funding money for Star Wars. Another battle America could never win, can't even control a country with only 20 million citizens, Iraq. If the country keep heading in the direction it is going, soon it will have to be dealing with it's own citizens in the streets. Internet age has changed the World, to much knowledge out now for the American government to stop. America is use to controlling it's citizens and other country citizens, those days are coming to an end. The failing wars have changed the World opinion of how little power the American government really has. Like the Jews foray into Lebanon. Got their asses handed to them on a platter, just as the once power America is getting their asses handed to them in Afghanistan and and Iraq. The troops are tired of war, just listen to their voices in their interviews. Want a normal life, with family and friends, not being in some foreign country for "God" only knows why thing. Just another one of the many lies that are collectively catching up with the government, of lies. Simply put, soul less bastards aplenty. "Time" for the citizens of America to start separating them self's from the government. A day of reckoning will have to come, just to many lies. The only people you here say they are content with the ways things are going are the planted interviews. The country wants the troops home, Bush say fuck you. Sitting here on the sidelines, watching the deterioration of a nation before my eyes, and your president says, fuck you, I'll do as I damn well please. Citizens to dumb to notice their elections have no meaning. The Russians should be monitoring Americas elections, who is more corrupt? Here is a short list of items I would like a better answer for. Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, all the fucking Kennedy's, Aids, ET's, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, Crop Circles, Chem-Trails for just a few. Every fucking one of those questions are clouded in mystery, and lies from the government. Yet the same old bull shit continues, and it seems I'm alone in my thoughts. A lack of trust from any point of the government, the government has no interest in my betterment. Swear if it wasn't for these folks around me, reminding me of the real reality of things, I'd go nuts. A fear and loathing of the government, that is in place supposedly to worry about my safety and health. Knowing nun of this is being done, I do things my way, not what the system wants me to do. Not being weak mentally and physically, from a diet that was designed to kill me with cancer. Thank "God" I'm not a clone, don't eat a clones diet. I keep me eyes wide open all the "Time", as Johnny Cash would have said. Here are few good videos on the Lunar Landing on You Tube, about the lie. New Leaked Moon Landing Footage ( Lindasufos), Was Moon Landing Faked (me3tv) Always said we never when to the Moon, now it can be proven in the age of the internet.

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