Friday, April 11, 2008

"11 April 08", no happy faces

Went to pay my respects to my insurance agent today. I have to see him once a month, or the bank will take my truck away. The cops will run me on their computers, long hair, see I have no insurance, take the tags off my truck. It's all about control over your daily lives. Been thinking about which country I want to move to a lot lately. Don't recognize the America I live in today, not the same one as my childhood. Have already meet a few others my age with the same thoughts. These are the ones with the brains, the clone simply follow along. You know them by sight, over weight, uneducated, nine to fiver, tattoos, (it's cool now for the clones, they think this gives them some personal identity) going to have cancer by sixty, (diet of chemical laced fast foods) does exactly as the media tells them to do. If you are a really good clone, you can get a job in radio or TV news. No fucking brain required, you will be told what to say, you will be compensated well. Of course you sold your soul, they didn't tell you that part. Using your face to betray the ones that watch you. But when you have sold your soul, what the fuck, take your vacation in Paris. Your life is a one and out anyway, traded your future for the presence, a Bush, Chaney thing. Not a thought that if you try and live an honest life on Earth, you get to progress on. As more and more people get more educated about the 911 cover up, the government now needed new term for their defence, conspiracy theorist. Theory my ass, the only theory is, what the fuck is the government trying to do. People trying to live their lives and retire, while the government tries to derail your old age with cancer. My insurance agent and me had a good talk about no happy faces, thought it was just my educated bitter ass that had noticed. Ask what I had learned from the Hopi about whats going on. A few years ago that wouldn't have happened, "Time" passes and I look smarter and smarter all the "Time". Told him how the war would go five years ago, he thought I was nuts, it is still playing out as I predicted. I was a island when the Bush corruption started, look at me today, their must be a "God" in heaven. A "God" given ability to be able to see through people faces and eyes, where they are going, where they have been. A simple game of trying to play the game of life, straight up. Don't take now, and it will be given. Explained to him the UFOs were here with us, laughed at my my words. Explained to him what I'd learned from the Hopi, past and presences, laughed. Now looks for solace in my words. Asked me what had happen to America, concerned for his children. My answer was the 911 fix, the day America attacked herself. The more we talked the more he realized it's all just a fix. Had to say little once I opened his own mind to the idea. Then it just rolled off his lips, the fix, the fix. All I needed to do was give comfort in his new knowledge. Explained that when it all came to me, my body was covered with goose bump so bad, I went to bed. Like my first UFO sighting, changed a lot of my realities in a heart beat. Like, throwing faith in religions, or the American government, off the patio deck to the ground. The burden of the governments own lies are starting to catch up now quickly. The Net has changed all the rules. Just as with my friend and others, all you have to do is open the door, the lies are already their for the seeing. And the government calls this all conspiracy theorist. I didn't plant those thoughts in his head, the government did. Now the World can hear Billy Cooper 911 prediction, which lead to his death. Billy Cooper telling how the military couldn't find Osama, but a net work found him two weeks before 911. He told them he was going to attack America. Right on schedule, like a movie script, bang, 911 and two wars. The nation might beginning to wake up on it's own now. Bush and Chaney faces are starting to tell stories, just as the story of Pinocchio nose. A fact tied up in a fairy tale, Karma. Maybe their is a glimmer of hope for America, "God" knows I've asked my "Alien" friends for help. Anyway I hope their my friends, so far so good, just can't ask for money. bye

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