Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Who Blew the First Breath of Life in all Creatures"

Here lies the answer to the chicken or the egg story. When you have a creator "God" their is no, chicken or egg question. "God" is such a all in compassing idea that mankind should only worry about their own spiritual growth. As the Kolbrin Bible says, sometimes it passes before your eyes for only a glimpse, giving you some reassurance of your reason for being on Earth. The surviving souls who walk the earth now, in these trying "Times", are they all connected. Here to see the transformation from a corrupt society, into a spiritual society? Are the ones who sold their brothers out, going down the road of life, already dead? Sure see it in Bush and Cheney's eyes, no soul in their. Soul less and politics are partners. Soon the idea of a central government well be old news. Father "Time" will take care of that. When "God" returns, and brings fear back into the citizens of the World. The politicians will be hung up in the streets like Mussolini, and stoned. To many have predicted this event coming, not one or two, but all faiths. All have it soon, will Bush and Cheney be the start of the reversal in history? The Kolbrin Bible is so perfectly written, you have to wonder, who is the original author. You can see why governments and religions would never want the masses to read these words. Their are only a hand full of books that have survived the Catholic, and Christian religions purging of other writing. Kolbin explains why your life is made up of all these trial and tribulations. "God" knew of your weaknesses, and how to prod you along in your journey through Planet Earth. Testing your will, your faith in your own "God" who ever that my be. "God" knowing you have no real concept of "God" yet. Pushing you hoping you will grow, instead of falling into apathy or suicide. The Mayan concept of the duality of everything. Your holly ghost that lives with you. These ancient books of knowledge, seem to be woven from the same hand or hands. Book of the Dead, Popul Vuh, Kolbrin Bible, Urantia and many more were left behind by a higher source. Question is who, who give these scribes the knowledge to write down these holy words. They all have their tale of a strange survival through history. Look how hard it was to get the Book of the Hopi out. They had to go to the U.N. for their first publications. A book about a Native American tribe called the Hopi, was first printed in French. Good old American freedom of the press, at it's finest. Government couldn't let the story of the Hopi and the Ant People out. Their are no UFOs, you will believe in Christ, or I will kill you government. Yet these great writing survived "Time" to be read by the ones trying to educate themselves, and not let others influence them. This is the only true way to advance your knowledge and travels here on Earth. Be a gather of knowledge, not a lusting spirit of self indulgence. The breath of "God" has been put in you, don't waste it self materialism. Don't blame others for your problems. "God" put you in that situation to help you go. Surrender to your personal weaknesses, and fail. Suicide or apathy are not an option to your dilemma. "Time" will cure all, look back on how you worried as a child and how silly that all seems now. The best way for governments to control people is through their food. Food prices are sky rocketing now with all the turmoil started by World governments. Now people are staving by the millions in third World countries. Drive up oil prices and control the population is the order of things now. Here in America the idea is to kill the citizens with their diet, both mentally and physically. Not much different just different method. Will the creator of all interview, or is this all every one's Karma, who walk the Earth. Why this group the World citizens in this moment and "Time"? Is all of mankind connected by one thread? No different than a ant colony? Is the only thing that matters is some, survive to keep the species called mankind alive? Or will mankind be like many of the species mankind has killed off, while walking the Earth? Is "God" proud of his creation called Mankind, or will he turn to it mud, from where he came? bye

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