Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Watching Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer Die"

For all the good folks out their trying to warn the citizens of America of their dilemma. Your counter is the Rose, Matt Lauer, Williams, every fucking one on FOX, type that work for the Military Industrial Machine. Sold their souls long ago, for a fleeting moment of fame. "Time" and lies are starting to take their toll, in their hearts they know what they have done. Helping the government poison the children of Americas minds and bodies. Yin Yang is their enemy, they have turned your backs on the children of America. All acting all knowing, but their words are not from their minds. Willing to be told what to say, clones, lower forms of humans. To me they are baby killers like Bush, Cheney. Did "God" give them the right to interfere with others lives with lies? No different then the UFO, anti environmental, government plants, spreading lies. These types of individuals never even thinking, their my be more to life than, I'm getting mine. Like the poorest of the poorest black, talking on Jerry Springer. Not a clue they are the same type personality, that shows their very ignorance. A ghetto baby with fucking money, no more, maybe less. The mouths of the self appointed killers. Do they think they can escape their faith at death? Or are they all just one "Timer", failed at life out of the gate, Mud Man. Couldn't say their prayers to the Life Giver, Creator. My word may never reach these soul less bastards, but hopefully "God" hears my words. I've tried to be honest, struggle to pay my bills. Sell your soul have plenty for now, key word being now. No for future considerations for these guys, I want mine now mentalities. Peace of mind comes with alcohol for these types. You have personality types like myself trying to warn people, living in some what for fear of our lives. No place for free thinker is American society. Wish all the free thinker could find each other, buy an island and relocate to it. Then the government would have a free reign over the American clones. Problem is, their went all of Americas brains. The brains sure as hell aren't the ones running the government. That's all the lower forms of humans, who are more than willing to lie to their brother. Like trying to watch McLaughlin or Hal Lindsey, you can only take a short blast of propaganda. But you know you need to know what they are thinking. Their simple people wanting as much as they can get, so it doesn't take long to size them and their lack of souls. Buy my hats, send me money Hal Lindsey says, it's pledge week again on PBS. Were soul less, so we can lie and ask for money. Who cares what I think, I'm just a tree hugging, anti war, have a soul, kind of guy. The government has already painted my type in the media, crazy. We hate those types of free thinker, we love you clones, our followers. The clones that reply when you say how much gas cost, look how much bottled water cost. Just what the TV taught them to think, fucking scary isn't it? Well these group of rats "Time" is winding up, what does the government have in store next? The only change that will happen, will have to come from, out side intervention. American government isn't going to change now to accommodate the citizens again, they have taken full control. Get ready here come John McCain and the Military Industrial Machine. Been saying it since day one, the boy doesn't even need out federal money. The Fix. bye

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