Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Paedophile Boss, Meets Baby Killer"

Could their be any worse scene than Pope Benedict XVI meets G.W. Bush. No two men and their predecessors have done more to cover up the truth, in the Planets history. Catholic church's paedophile boss and the most corrupt president in American history meeting, equals one sick World. This is the state of mankind in the year 2008 A.D.. Why I live in fear of mankind, the leaders are the people souls. Shit flows down hill, and the Catholics and the Christians are down hill. How many hundreds of thousand of, women and children have die for these systems to survive. Both killer societies and destroyers of the truth. How fitting meeting in America, Pope is here to recruit the uneducated Mexicans, Bush needs all the White trash behind him. Good place to find both, right here in good old America. What a fertile playground for both to wallow in, like the pigs they are. Only pigs are a higher life form than these two lower forms of humans. Wonder what "God" must think of all this mess here on Earth. The sight of these two together gives me goose bump, because they actually have followings, or clones to me. Pope wants his followers to keep multiplying so he has more people to give to the church. Bush and the government keeps creating an artificial enemy so it keeps it's power over the people. One uses bombs to control, the other uses people fear of death to control them. Here in America, you have both wrapped up in one package. Poor old Mexicans and white trash, have great fear of both. Look how Americas government manipulated it's citizens with a created 911 scenario. Look what the Catholics did in MesoAmerica, in the name of Jesus Christ. Two Pigs in a blanket, made from the same cloth. Catholics and the Christians the two most corrupt, religious and political societies to ever walk the Earth. Both bent on death to prove their point. Like the Muslims bull shit, your either with us or against us. By "God" I'll stick a gun down your throat, if you don't follow me, mentality. This is all three's M.O., all derived from the same place in the Middle East. The giant American propaganda machine has this as front page news. Great Pope meets great American leader, to help bring peace to the World. This is the reality of how little mankind has progressed in two thousand years. Absolutely went back wards from the "Time" of supposedly Christ birth. Pagan to more Pagan and more death in the name of some so called "God" they have created for the citizens to believe in. "Time" is running out on the soul less leaders of today, just as the Catholic church crumbles, so does American society crumble from all the lies. Catholics asking their lost follower or clones to return, instead they get the fags and the uneducated Mexicans in return. Their is no place for organized religion in a futuristic society. Your position with your "God" is between him or her and you, and no body else. Who gives a fuck what Bush or Pope Benedict think any way, their soul less morons. Have nothing what so ever to do with your trip through the Universe of reality. Their stuck on Earth, they have traded their futures for the presence. Here once again, two small men, trying to be something they are not, intelligent, "God" fearing. A "God" fearing soul couldn't do what they have done to the children of the Planet. Makes you wonder what happens to these type of personality at death? Can't be good, can it? Watching video of Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans being arrested by the capital police in Washington D.C. brought back bad memories of Vietnam. Kids protesting the way the government has treated them, during and after battle. Now to find himself arrested for the same thing they were fighting for. The right to protest, freedom of speech. Wake up America, it may be already to late. Have you been properly poisoned and propagandized yet? How does it feel to know the government allows big business to poison you. Allowed them to shorten your life with cancer. Do you even give a fuck, I wonder some "Times". Seems my warning and others, fall on deaf ears that have been closed by propaganda. Only three steel skyscrapers have ever fallen from a fire in the history of the World. All three fell on 911, in New York City, think. That's why the firemen went into the buildings, they weren't suppose to fall. It had never happened before why now. Bigger fires had been fought in skyscrapers and stopped. "Time" to start putting all the little pieces together and start making changes. Building seven next to the trade center, all of a sudden fell out of the sky. It was the third building to fall and was 47 stories high. No aircraft flew into it, just fell like a controlled implosion. Poor firemen and other rescuers died for no reason, sad. HELLO bye PS I'm getting upset again.

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