Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Waiting for a Act of Kindness"

Acts of kindness from from any quarter are harder to come by these days. Pope tells the American clergy people he is sorry for the child molestations seems rather stupid on his part. Why doesn't he start going the children of the ancestors from hundreds of years ago for forgiveness. The Catholic church is like America, it's been fucking people lives over since day one. Then to come to America and try and patch things up. Why doesn't he visit the children of the ancient Mayans and ask them for forgiveness? How about all the Native America Indians that the church fucked over. Why not go up to the Hopi reservation and ask them for forgiveness. What a dumb fuck, reminds me of Bush and Cheney, their all fucking soulless morons. Bush and Cheney drag the country into two wars a false pretenses, then have the nerve to say aw fuck, to late now. What the fuck could the Pope possible tell the people and families, that their paedophile priest had done to their children that would ease the pain. Then be basically callous about it all. I'm sorry, now start coming back to church and paying your tied. Just like America, send your daughters and sons off to die in war, then lock the parents up if they don't pay their taxes on "Time". If their children get killed in action and the parents protest, their now being called unAmerican. This is about one ruthless country America has become. Soulless murders at the top of the food chain. People want to blame the Jews and they have a right to, but it take a Bush or Cheney type personality to sell it to the American citizens. No America in their right mind would ever trust a "Godless" Jew. The Jews only have one "God", it's called money. That's why they are lower forms of humans. Like the fag and his dick, the Jew can't move beyond the money and greed. Like people constantly seeking power, like the Clintons. Hillary and Bill can't tell enough lies, and still never faze them morally. That's because they are soulless, Hippocrates. Hillary telling the voters how she was shot at, soulless whore. Writing my words to the sky, hoping they are heard, so maybe someone will help the citizens of the World. Praying for help from above, because the people on Earth are hopeless in their fight for freedom. The freedom to live their lives as a spiritual journey, instead of one of constant waring. Constant fear of your own government, and what it my do to keep in power. My blogs are getting more and more like asking someone from above to stop this madness here on Earth. asking someone to please intervene to help "God's" children learn why they are really here on Earth. What is the true meaning of their plight while on the Earth. Take away the constant worries of day to day life. A leader to teach the throngs how things really are. That mankind is part of the Universe, not the Universe. Their is no one on Earth that has the right to tell them how to think. You are your own leader, you don't need to be told or preached to by some soulless moron. Turn off the TV and radio, sit around and get into your own head. You might surprise your self with some new creative ideas. That is a "God" given ability that was given to mankind. Mankind has forgot how to use that strength, with all the crap from the media coming from all around you. (John Prine's, blow up your TV, throw away your news papers) Others want you to think just as them, so they have control over your mind. Take back control of your own mind. Right now in America, almost all minds are controlled. Government unleashed the Jewish media power on the citizens and took away their minds. Who owns all the media out let in the so called free World, the Jews. Now the Jews march the Americans around like cattle, no prod needed. Turn the fucking TV off, an scare your self. Stop letting your self be influenced by some out side. Your knowledge in your head may scare you at first, but you will grow from the knowledge in your head. The citizens of the Planet now think this is reality, when it's not. Want to thank Gramps and a few others for the encouragement. Hard to write down these words sometime, they even scares me. Hoping the people who put me here, are protecting me, hard enough being alone in my thoughts. Most of my thoughts are not mine, but this entity that lives with me. The bad writings are all mine, the good stuff come from others. They run my fingers over the key board and I have to read it, to see what they had to say. Open your mind to a much greater reality, a Universal reality. Not the reality of some Jew, putting shit in your head via the media. Your development will stagnate if you let others control your thoughts. This was not in "God's" great plan, for others controlling your mind, not you. Get away from the main stream media and find out who lives with you. Stop being told what to think, how to dress and how to behave too others around you. Don't let them tell you who or what to think, who's bad and who isn't. Like a friend told me, don't want to believe the things you have told me, unfortunately their true. Go find the truth, tell it to others, don't be told what the truth is. Find the truth through your own readings and mainly your thoughts. With all the crap that be done to stop the truth from getting out. Plenty has survived for you to read and grow spiritually. "God" has insured their survival through out the ages and plunder of other such as the Catholic and Christian, the soulless murders of people and knowledge. You'll get no act of kindness from your government or your religion. bye

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