Friday, April 18, 2008

"Moon Landing, 911"

The Jewish media at it's finest, turning fiction into fact. No astronauts on the Moon, no planes during 911. All created for your entertainment and to take your money and freedoms away. As word spreads on the 911 attacks being a inside job, will the truth ever come out? No W.M.D were ever found, didn't change one thing about the war. With in a few years everyone will know that 911 was created by Bush, Chaney and their band of thieves. Will any of them ever be prosecuted, highly doubtful. Who was ever prosecuted for JFK death? Thinking about the people who came out and said they had love ones killed in the Pennsylvania crash on 911. Did they have to be murdered, so they could never get a change of heart, and come out and tell the truth. Is Rumsfeld still alive, how safe is it for the system to let Bush and Cheney live, after they leave office. Johnson died soon after he left office, he got Vietnam going. How long can they let a drunk like Bush walk around, before he spills the beans? With a little insight you can see from Clinton and Bush's answer on 911, their not good at hiding the truth. Their eyes and tone of voices blow their cover. I am surely not the only one with these abilities to see their lies? Like I learned from Mayan texts, tone has far more meaning than words. Look at the videos of Bush, when asked if the 911 attacks were an inside job. He's simple uneducated person, a easy read, same goes for both of the Clintons. A college degree doesn't make you intelligent, you just have a piece of paper you paid for, nothing more. You were just part of a money game, called taking your future income from you with student loans at interest. After 911 PBS come out with a program show how the Twin Towers fell after the attacks, nary a word on building seven. the program show how PBS is controlled by the same system the networks are controlled by. Spent a hour of my "Time" to their truth, only to find out years latter, even PBS is a whore. If it's coming together for me, then others will Ber right behind me, with out me saying a word. What is the old Hippie thinking about, what has he figure out the rest of us haven't. I've notice this pattern for years about my effect on others, what I think and do. Or as a friend said once, people want to know whats in your head. Now I'm trying to get these words out, "Time"s ripe, is needed. The failures of the government make it much easier now. No need for me to rag on someone now, just remind them what is going on around them. my words just get the thought process going. People in their hearts know thing aren't right, I remind them they are right about their gut feelings. You always hear, you know i thought it was like that, just didn't want to believe it. The failure of the government makes it easy now for them to accept what they truly feel. The burden of all the lies over all the years, now come back to haunt the government. The computer age has brought a new beginning of freedom of thought. Now citizens need to start organizing themselves, and demanding the truth. "Time" to quit being lead around by the Jewish media, by your non functioning government. Start with the TV, start by simple turning off the volume. Can't get into your head if your not listening, inject your own thoughts not others. Learn from your own silence, break the pattern of deceit. Take the media away, and you now have you, and what you think. Not what someone else has told you to think. Like a friend telling me his dad has Acid Reflux disorder. Hated to tell him that was created for him, by the propaganda machine. Acid reflux disorder or simple indigestion was from all the chemical in the meats his father was eating. Explained how all animal by products are loaded with growth hormones and many other chemicals meant to shorten your life. No food for you when your productive years are gone, in the NWO. Pay your social security all your working years, then have you die, is the plan. So far America has accepted this plan, but a few of us try to warn the others. The propaganda machine keep trying to drown out the message, but it seems the numbers are growing. Eating healthy has become the new click, and with that come knowledge. When people learn they have been feed all these chemical throughout their lives, they'll start to question other aspects of what the government has told them. Getting people to eat correctly will open their minds. Having the strength and extra energy to want to learn. Always said diet separates the masses, from the haves to the have not.(knowledge) People need to let go of the past and open to their spirituality. It all starts with a good diet of what "God" has created for you with the plants, not His other creations. Meat product trigger aggression, what part of you looks like other carnivores? Trying to break down the old ways, one brick at a "Time". Thank "God" the mortar that hold the bricks together is weak. Just like the government mortar that hold it together, the bricks are the people. The motor is the government, stretched thin from so many lies. Take the media and the meats out of your life and see how much it effect you. You'll discover a whole new you, one you will like much more than the other. A more at peace will your abilities, to have the strengh to not do as those around you. Learn about you, from you, I can only show you the door, you must open it, thats my job, it ends their. You have knowledge, pass it on, it will be good for others, not stay with them. bye

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