Saturday, April 19, 2008

"American Reality"

Find myself pondering what country i want to move to. Reality in America has turned into lies. The reality is you can't truth anything about the American system any more. Seems any where in the World you would have more chance of finding the truth, than in America. Thought about Australia because the weather is so much like Arizona, and every Aussie I have ever meet, I seem to get along with. Even the slow talk and slang seems to fit the Arizona life style. Must come from long travels across the deserts the create this parallel. The vastness of Arizona when most travel in my youth was down dirt roads. America is fast becoming a police state, and the need to leave is growing. The government and the Jewish media have turned most Americans into clones as I've said many "Times". Australia is out because of the hole in the Ozone layer over them. Have had dreams about the south of Spain sense my child hood. Maybe I was being prepared for such a move, mentally. as the deceit and lies get even bigger here in America, "Time" is becoming short. When Hillary got caught in a lie over her being shot at in Bosnia, she sounded as if that was OK. This is becoming one sick country. Like watching survivor and watching the contestants cross their fingers when telling a lie, makes it OK with "God". This is the American reality of today, simply put. What little TV I watch, their it is to remind me, America is built on lies. American MO, method of operation, the government lies to me, why can't I to others. Limiting what I watch to game shows, and reality shows. No news and now most of PBS, the old line, the truth isn't in any of them. As the governments lies come out, it effects those attached to them, like PBS and NPR radio. Live with Tina, I'm Jewish, that's why you are listening to me. Get my drift, simple to see as the dominos fall. Like a house built with playing cards. The lies that lead America into two wars, lies about the food you consume, all the fucking politicians lies. If you want the truth, go find it on your own. It's not on the TV, it's not in the news papers, it's not on the radio, it's in another country. See what I'm talking about, the constant deception from the media and the government. You aren't going to find the truth here in America, that was stolen from you long ago. Now you are to weak to defend ourselves, you been poisoned. Guess the jokes on you America, not me, I seen it coming. I'm not letting them poison me with their meat products and chemical laden foods. Thinking of Argentina as I write, has beautiful mountains like the west, has a desert like Arizona, has a small central government. Canada is to fucking cold for my old age. Live in Hawaii for four years, islands get old. Portugal might be perfect, long shore line, small central government, warm. Southern France, they seem to actually care for the health of their citizens. Americas health system only wants to try and take money from you and not heal you. Thus you are always coming back, like pest control, not pest removal. This isn't a story about doom and gloom, unfortunately, it's reality. Do some research while other friends of mine don't have the "Time'. Just trying to tell them what I've found in my searches. Been taught to pass it along, weather people want to here it or not. I don't like what I've found along the way, either, just reality. Can't put a tie on this Pig. Can you ask for political asylum from America? The government is constantly prosecuting open minded free thinkers, through effective propaganda. Harassing the mothers and fathers of fallen Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans. Media not showing the protest marches on the news, acting like they don't even exist. This America has become the product of the media, called fucking clones. the national anthem use to give me the chills when played, now I think of all the lies I've learned, starting from Vietnam, still to this day. Like my first UFO sighting outside my door, nothing will ever be the same. Death to my naiveness, and here I sit typing, trying to tell others, just like the story of poor old Jesus. Their are a lot of Jesus types walking around, trying to enlighten others to what is happening to them, boots on the ground. The pure ones ask for nothing in return, simply doing their job. Some thing from inside them, gives the knowledge and pushes them along. From a Tesla type, to the guy working on your car. The Bible would have called them disciples, or followers of a new thought from above. Only in this case, one not knowing the another. Brought with them in their DNA. Like the Crop Circles trying to awaken mankind. Time" to tell you, as I was once told, if I've been told, the rest of the good people can't be far behind. (this is my MO) Think I'll ride my bike down to the park, and see some other honest peasants. bye

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