Monday, April 21, 2008

"Revolution, Jessie Ventura"

Stumbled onto Jessie Ventura on You Tube talking about 911 being an inside job. He has a new book out called, "Don't Start the Revolution With Out Me". Sounds like something right out of the sixties, but here it is 2008. You now have over 40% of the country now believing that 911 was a inside job. In this day and age, it took a lot of nerve for Jessie to write a book about how Americans civil liberties are being taken away. You will probably see him disappear off the network news now. Just as they did with, Ron Paul. Now with rising gas prices and the economy going so bad, people are putting 911 and Iraq on a back burner. Their is the government using deceit to take the minds of the American citizens off how they are being raped by the government. Like a constant shell game, where is the pea. (truth) Jessie made a good point on Fox Net work about how do you take out three buildings with two airplanes? Of course the clones named, Hannity and Colmes did their best to tag team Jessie every "Time" he tried to make a point. Jessie asked Hannity why the networks spent so much "Time" talking about Anna Nicole Smith, instead of how badly the wars was going, they ignored his question. It's always the short fucks it seems, that do the bidding or dirty work for others. The two of them have probably never had an original thought in their lives. Like all Fox news people, their thoughts come from others above them. Hearing Bill Oreilly make fun of Willie Nelsons, because he thinks 911 was an inside job. Is typical of a well paid soulless whore doing the dirty work of others. They must pay you well for this, like something right out of "Twilight Zone". Their all more than willing to help in the killing of the innocent people through out the World by American forces, or private military such as Blackwater International. ( Without a draft now days, this is how the government keeps the wars going) Can't hardly stand to watch Charlie Rose, the toll of all those lies are wearing on his face now. (Yin, Yang) Typical news from FOX, one tall strong ex Navy Seal, two short weasels, being told what to say and think.(soulless whores) You have to be a soulless whore to work for any of the major news networks these days. They all have children's blood on their hands, morons. No thought of the after life for people like this, thus the term, soulless. A man with no soul, answers to no one as long as their alive. All these so called pitch men don't realize, soon they will be joining Rumsfeld in hidden silence. To many lies to cover up, to have these morons walking around giving speeches, making big bucks. Can't wait to hear from Condo Rice when she leaves office. She's not a very strong person, you can see she has a weak soul. Won't be able to keep her from kids asking questions, who lost their fathers in Afghanistan and Iraq. All will be wanting to know why they died, (Vietnam all over) when in her heart she knows the deceit that was put on the American citizens. Look how weak she looks, look at all those hidden lies, in those eyes. Surely all Americans must be able to see that. Like Pinocchio's nose, it will just keep growing. One hell of a big lie to keep all bundle up inside, especially as you age. Those dead bodies have to come back and haunt you, you would hope. You can see why Bush is such a drunk, fuck how does he sleep at night? How do the people who put these soulless bastards up to this, sleep at night? The perpetrators are not the minds behind all this, they are mere soulless soldiers that can be bought off easily. The soulless seem to not have an after life, one mans opinions. How else could they do this to other human individuals for gold? They must believe their journey ends here, what else could they be thinking. Ah the key word, thinking, thinking ahead, apparently that thought never crossed their minds. They where once heathens controlled by the Romans and paid interest on their taxes to the Jews. Now they are the hands in America that kill for others, for a fee, still with a Jewish middleman. Still right where they started hundreds of generations ago, heathens controlled by self greed. Picture in your mind Bush's squirrely laugh, is that not a heathen? A few making life miserable for many, for greed, living in America today. Lets see how much press Jessie and his revolution gets now. bye

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