Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Apathy, or Did They Wear You Down"

American apathy is rampant in American society now, but is it apathy or people just giving up? Like the bad child, one day you realize he'll grow up and go away. To tired to fight the fight, wore you down, your cries aren't being heard by the child. The government looks at your tears, not in sympathy, but as the conqueror of your soul. Do you see any sympathy for the soldiers that keep going back and forth the the two bull shit wars, from you government. Do you see any sympathy in Cheney's eyes, towards those soldiers? What kind of a soulless person send young men off to die, for nothing but personal greed? Is he bitter, having no sons, and a lesbian daughter? Is this some sort of perverted revenge, being taken out on the young men and women of the military? Looking from my side of the block, something is not right in his eyes. You try and warn people what is happening to them, they look at you like a conspiracy theories. A term created by the government to turn one citizen against another, brother against brother. Hear we go again, Vietnam all over again. the government trying to get people at each others throats, instead of theirs, divide and conquer. Why aren't their any videos of the airplane in the air that hit the Pentagon. Here is why, over 80 videos were confiscated from the good citizens of American, and never returned. Just like "Operation Blue Book" where they also keep all videos and photographs. How many videos are still out their, that were never turned to the government, like me and my stone that fell from the sky. After all, any thing that falls from the sky, belongs to them. More of that American freedom, does anything that is filmed in their air space belong to them. Thought America belonged to the good citizens of America. How in the fuck did this all get turned around, answer, giant central government. Where does it say in the constitution, you must pay income taxes to the federal government? And people don't want me telling them what is happening to them. Answer, brain washed by the giant propaganda machine, from birth on. Not apathy, brain washed ignorance, by the constant pounding of media bull shit, being pumped into people heads daily. They have told you, you don't have a single intelligent thought in your mind. Sadly people buy into this concept, quite easily. Here again in north Phoenix we had unexplained lights in the sky that was videoed. Liked the caption with the video, "were back". NBC affiliate ran the story last night on the news. The propaganda machine already putting their distorted spin on the whole thing. Using the controlled local media to tell their story. Some day these types that use their faces and words to promote the propaganda, will pay their dues. Soon the Air Force will start putting their collective feet in their ignorant asses. They'll start shooting flares up all over the place next. Made real asses of them self's 11 years ago, just did it again in Stephenville Texas. They will have to put the guy who filmed it on Larry King, so Larry can bring on that expert on UFOs, he can call everyone lies, he's well paid, and soulless, I'm sure. (McGaha?). Once again the World and most Americans will watch and laugh, at the American propaganda machine making total fools of them themselves. Have to get some military generals on, that have that look of a dear in head lights to them. Petraeus has that look in his eyes, like I can't believe the American citizens are buying into all this bull shit dog and pony show were putting on. While many Americans will by into the twisted lies, put on by the propaganda machine. Here again the government using the Jewish media to deliver their propaganda, even got Larry King the Jew to use his face and soul. Larry and the Jews think their slick, they can fool the American white trash. And then they wonder why everyone in the World hates them. (Greed) I for one haven't let them ware me down, pushed me to apathy. I listen to what I want to listen to. I read what I want to read. I eat what I know is good for "God's' creation. Don't let out side force control my thoughts. No apathy in me, I'm free. bye

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