Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Tuesday's Lights, Local Media Whores"

First of all, if you want to scare your self, Google or Yahoo FEMA camps, read the kids comments on what they are viewing. Like something out of Red Dawn the movie, only instead of the Russians, it was the federal government that was the enemy. Their are a lot of well armed people out their, private and governmental. No place for a tree hugging vegetarian like me. Is it "Time" to run for the hills and let these guys fight it out? Another example of divide and conquer, keeping the pot boiling. Like clock work the next day after the new lights, Scott Pasmore, (3TV) Mark Curtis, (12TV) all the whores at FOX, set out to do the governments bidding of propaganda. Like the soulless bastards they are, they presented the spin of lies. Instead of letting the military make asses of themselves, for an answer, they found some white trash to present the lies. Makes you wonder what they had on him, or was he just a simple Christian that could be lead around? Some how this white trash put four flares on helium balloons, sent they aloft. They formed a perfect square then a triangle, and then magically after about 5 minutes they all went out at the same "Time". Listening to Scott Pasmore while making breakfast, making a total ass of him self, telling this bull shit story. Kind of makes you wonder where they dig these whores up, to present their lies for them? People like this would sell their own mothers down the road, if their was something in it for them. Their must be a directory too all those that will, willing sell their souls for money, like Bush, Cheney. Reading a prepared statement that you know is a lie, to fool those around you, is lower than low. How does one human do this to another human being and still sleep at night?(How can they pay you enough to do this?) None of this fits into my reality, of trying to maintain the truth. How many of us are their out their, in this day and age of deception and greed? Sure as hell isn't any working for the major news media. On a positive note, meet a man the that was well read. Started talking about 2012 and what the Mayans were trying to tell mankind, about the event. He believed that the collective consciousness of mankind will all change at once. This is extremely close close to the Hopi story of when all the Hopi will return home, all of a sudden one day, a calling will inter their collective thoughts. A clone doesn't have thoughts like these. I'll revisit him and try and get more of his ideas and pass them on. He told me a story of how they took someone DNA three hundred miles away from the original donor to see if it would react at the same "Time", it did. Like the story of the monkeys on two different islands that where given potatoes and simultaneously they started dipping the potatoes in the salty ocean for flavor. As I walked out the door, I turned and said, your a wise man and I'll be back for more knowledge. Knowledge is where you find it, not where someone Else's ideas are forced on you. This all fits to well with many other ancient previous writings. Fit perfectly with the Kolbrin Bible, only the creator used breath. As if all mankind has the same breath in them, that was given to them by the Creator or "God". (DNA) Will in December of 2012, all thoughts change, to an Aquarian Age? Will this be the good people and the rest are eliminated, as in all faiths and beliefs. Is it all that simple, no weapons no bombs. The weapons will be people minds, just as the Mayans had it. When mankind's tools turn against him. When mankind judges himself, passes sentence or judgement on self. A collective cleansing of souls, a sort of population control built into mankind. Like the "Aliens" and the Mayans have been telling mankind, it was up to them to save himselfs. Where the last floods brought on by the collective consciousness of mankind, mankind reached a level of degradation, and self destructed? Wonder how many ancient writing tell the same story, they all must. They all came from one original source, or Deity. At this moment is mankind, in a self destruct mode, everyone seems to hate everyone else now. All totally consumed by personal greed, when in the first place. You should have been suffering, to help your spiritual growth. The haves hate the other that have, because they might have more than them. Is this when it all goes up in smoke? bye

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