Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Phoenix Lights, Why Phoenix?"

What's up with Phoenix, state of Arizona and the UFOs? In the entire World, Arizona seems to be UFO Grand Central Station. Who's here, who was here, what happened here in the past? These act are not some dumb ass random act, something is trying to awaken the citizens of Arizona. England has their Crop Circles, America has Arizona. For some reason, these two places appear to be power points. A place the "Aliens" have chosen to make a statement, or to prepare for some kind of intervention from above. Getting the people of Arizona use to having them around, you could say a softening up. If you go to You Tube and brianhowes390, video and listen to the young girls voice, it tells a thousand stories. Are they "Aliens", is it a sign, is it a warning sign. Purity, thoughts not yet all fucked up from all the propaganda. Hasn't heard people like Mark Curtis and Scott Passmore pass on lies from above, for money, blood money. All she knew was, something inside her, had something to say. The parents minds are all astray, form all the propaganda and religion they have listened to, their entire lives. You can tell by their voices they are having to readjust their own thought pattens at that very moment. The Event has changed them for ever, this was the biggest moment of the new lives. Anyone who has ever had a true UFO sighting or Event, will never be the same again. It changes all realities you where raised with. Now this young girl and her brother are light years ahead of those who have never witnessed an Event. These children have been enlightened, touched by a greater source, invited to an Event. These things are not random, they were their for a reason. The parents where picked out to film the Event. All orchestrated by a higher entity, to help push mankind along. No better way to describe, other than a live changing Event. An Event make you what to earn more about what goes on around you. An Event and you'll never trust the government again. You will be forced by some internal force to gain as much knowledge as you can. You will become more focused on the spiritual side of things. That entire family stepped into a new reality, it involved what they collective saw together. A kind of family bonding, a feeling of having a higher knowledge because you where blessed by the Event. A higher Entity said, yes we are here, we do exist, now break you chains, that have bound you to a corrupt way of thinking. A spiritual awaking, like the story of the Phoenix Bird, risen from the ashes of ignorance. Their is a greater reality, this isn't reality. Imagine if all the families of America experienced this phenomenon. Then to have the local news media and their personalities spread deceit and lies, about the Event. Surly those personalities will get their for helping deceive other of their own? How quickly the government and the World would change in the American reality. No more control by others with a gun, evening news you could trust, no religion. No reason for a government, wouldn't have to see old ugly ass Hillary on the TV. The "God's" weren't very kind to Hillary's looks, must of been some kind of Karma thing. Take an historical event then smear it and step on others for seeing it. This is the American way, where only lies are allowed to be told on the news. Try and share your experience with others, they we will trash you. Trained by the TV, using personalities you think you can trust for the truth. You would like to believe, if the guy telling you the news believes it, you can truth him. Unfortunately this is not the way things work in America. In America, these personalities are soulless whores. Regardless of these TV news whores, the truth will prevail. These Events are happening in Arizona for a reason, and hopefully all Arizonians will be enlightened by a new reality soon. The whores will simply be a thing of the past, a relic from the old. bye

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