Friday, April 25, 2008

Being set Up Again, America"

Unknown boat, not ship, shot at American naval ship in Iranian waters. They claim they don't know who shot at them. Why is America even in Persian waters, come home and fix Americas boarders. Of course the answer is, in America's best interests, war. Here it comes again, will the American citizens stand for another fake war, or have learned their lesson. My vote says not at all, or if they have they will be simply ignored. Same way Vietnam started, a shot fired by someone, that someone was surely hired by the government of America. Of course oil prices shot up immediately some how, like they new the shot was going to be fired. Or at lest the propaganda memo of an aledged shot, that will be shot 25 April 08. Living a society on the fix, looking to start a war with someone, any one. Like the Al Qaeda member trying to convince a person that 911 was really pulled off be Osama. Sitting their dressed to the hilt, with a rag wrapped around his head. Another government plant, making an ass of himself. The narrator (part of the fix) had to cut him off, he was making such a fool of him self. Could have been a evening news personality, just spewing lies. All the failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, with government trying to find a reason to invade another country. Out of fucking control, Bush and Cheney causing messes right to the end of their "Time". Who in the fuck is going to fight the Iranians, Blackwater? Are they trying their best to bankrupt America, morally and financially? The country is already spiritually bankrupt, America is one scary place to live now days. Looks like Jessie Ventura was right, as revolution is starting to brew in America. (underground) Who is going to fight the citizens of America, will the soldiers turn on their own, like Kent State? Their aren't any troops left to stop a well armed American citizenry. Everyone male in Arizona over sixteen, has a gun here it seems. Lots of disgruntled construction workers, armed to the hilt. Only ones unarmed are us tree huggers, what a mess. Are my prayers are not getting through? Is help from above on the way? Why don't the "Aliens" interview, they must know whats happening. Society keep going backwards, why don't the "Aliens" just say, enough is enough? Where is the purity of life, what point is mankind trying to make? Making rice, corn and other basic food commodities prices soar artificially. Buy your medicines or eat, how does this happen in America? America has to be by far, the cruelest country on Earth. Torture people, invades counties, highest prison rate to population in the World. Lets big business poison the citizens food, gives big oil tax breaks. Lets the large drug companies test their new drugs on the public. Sends the poor off to die in a corrupt, self created war. (A man with a future, doesn't volunteer to go to war, only the poor and uneducated) It's not like I'm the only one noticing these things going on around. Thought it was only the educated individuals, well read, that noticed their plight, now you hear the kids. Just reading peoples responses to videos on the net, opened my eyes. Their are a lot of pissed off people in America. The country can't lock up half the country, just listen to all the good old boys in the south. Their ready to fight the revolution between the states again. This is one armed dangerous place, America. And here I am, looking for Jesus and America, has someone been lying to me, have I been set up again? bye

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