Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Divide and Conquer"

Divide and conquer, this the the governments method of operation. Turn the cops against the citizens, turn the citizens against the cops. When in fact, the cops are the citizens also, they came from the citizenry. Turn the military against the citizens they came from, their own families. Just like during Vietnam and now, only this "Time" people are more wary of the government. This "Time" over 70% of the countries citizens are against the two wars, and threats of another. Right after 911, their was support, that has all but evaporated. Now the citizen are realizing they have been duped by the federal government. Took all these years for most of the American citizens to realize this, when the rest of the World knew it from the start. The citizens of the World, aren't victims of the great American propaganda machine. You can tell how effective it has been, keeping the truth from the citizens of America. Flooding the air wave with Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, bull shit. Now that's what I call, total control over the citizenry. All this bull shit going on in America, while the rest of the World watches. The rest of the World isn't letting their citizens be poisoned mentally and physically, by big business, big government. The biggest difference from this generation of war, Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam, is numbers. The anti war supporters would have been in a small minority, during Vietnam. Today you are in the majority if you oppose the two wars. Then the protesters got press, not any more, ignore it, it will go away by it's self. So many lies for so many years have shaken the Beast called America. An just as others before, "Time" has come. No longer will big government have any more to take from the citizens with their lies. They have taken your children's lives, they have stolen your money. How much longer can the American citizens be taken. Isn't this ride getting old, always down the same road, with war at the end. It took Bush and his band of whores to reawaken some bad old memories in my generation. Now that is the main topic always, how corrupt the government has gotten since the arrival of Bush. It was probably always out their, he was just so fucking blatant about it. Corruption and thievery at every corner of the government. The down fall of every segment of society. Now America learns of all the suicide attempt from Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans, that has been hidden from them. What next, their 10 "Times" more dead from the two wars, they they have originally reported. How do you know how many have die in Afghanistan and Iraq? These numbers are from the same people that tricked you into believing their terrorist out to get you. How much bull shit can the American citizens be feed? Looks like the majority of America is getting tired of all the constant bull shit propaganda. But can the citizens of America, take back control of the government, did they ever truly have any control of it, anyway? No happy citizens, leads to revolution in the streets. This generation of politicians are far to ignorant to notice this small fact. All to busy stealing all they can, while their children commit suicide, sins of the fathers syndrome. The Bush, Cheney children, are a good a example of this Karma, the preachers child. Some good news here on the home front, friends are noticing the lessening of the chem-trails. We all hope it's because we have informed others around us of this problem. The media won't help, their part of the problem, so word of mouth is the only combatant against these growing problems in American society. Some day the media types will be stoned by the citizens for helping spread lies and deception. In this case, a true, kill the messenger, for perpetuating the story. You trusted them not to lie to you, or decive you, now your mad. Like Bush's popularity a few years ago, before all the lies caught up to him. Now the World and the American society want to kill him. Just took the American citizens a little longer to wake up. Noticed a few things that have happen sense finishing my 'Bitch'n Orgone Generator'. Number one as said, the chem-trails have slowed down. Number two, no bird shit on any of the Orgone Generator. (the birds have me well trained, as I open the door to get my morning news paper, 'propaganda' they fly up to my face, to remind me to go back in, an grab a hand full of organic oat meal for starters) in other words my patio has it's fair share of bird shit on all the railing, or perches from the birds. But none on the Orgone Generator. Number three, have never been able to grow flowers well, now like all of a sudden this season I can. The rest of my plants are doing better also. The only difference is the generator on the patio. "God" only knows if it has an effect, but this is what I've noticed. Maybe the combination of crystals and copper are have some effect. Personally I can't defend, if it works or how it works, just thought I would try and see what effect it would have on the skies over my home and friends. Not being a scientist, trying to under stand the language, I trusted others knowledge. Nothing gained, if nothing ventured, as the old adage goes. A by product of trying simply to be a free thinker. People have laughed at me before, and the will laugh at me again, fuck'em. bye

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