Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Diet, Diet, Diet"

Searching for articles or videos about astronauts and UFOs, found a lot of bull shit, also found astronaut Gordon Cooper. A true flying American hero, having almost all the awards, and records you can get for being a test pilot, Astronaut. He was a believer in UFOs and had his first sighting in Germany in 1951, while in the Air Force. Also said he had seen one land on a dry lake bed, while stationed at Edwards AFB, California. Their are interviews of him in the 'Movie Out of the Blue'. Interesting was the fact he was a Master Mason in a lodge in Carbon Dale Colorado. Died at age 77, the same day Space Ship One, made it's second successful launch, to win the Ansari X-Prize, for first privately funded flight into space.(approx 77 miles up) Never wavered on his beliefs of extraterrestrials living here with mankind. While a lot of other astronauts changed their views, or where coerced to change. The rising cost of food is forcing a lot of people World wide, thinking about their diets. If everyone was a vegetarian, you couldn't have this crisis. Look at all the energy and waste when you have World who think they will die if they don't get their supply of meat. Was Jesus in the Bible a vegetarian, would he have eaten is father's creations? Take a walk through their Arizona desert and realize that the first Native Americans where vegetarians, as in the Hopi tales of the First World. As scarce as the desert is, their was plenty to eat. Their are classes on how to live in the Sonoran deserts of the south west from the plants alone. All the medicines you would need to heal your self where also surrounding you. "God" prepared mankind for his journey here on Earth. Mankind's failures, would of been his failures, if mankind wasn't provided what he needed to get started. The rest would be up to the individual, after that. No more different than you in your garden or attending your children, you can only help them along, so far. The Karma, DNA, or Life Force, takes over from their. You have a basic need to nurture some thing in life along. All though it would seem, a majority of mankind has lost that ability. At the rate the World is going, the energy cost of providing meat, will be so high, no one will be able to afford it. Only the wealthy, will be able and it will in turn give them disease and cancer, eating "God's" creations. Mankind was meant to be a vegetarian and now mankind will have to relearn the ability to grow their own food for survival. Just as in the Hopi story of the first World. Mankind has gotten lazy and thinks it needs the flesh of another creation for it's survival. Here we go right back to the Hopi first World story. Meats use far to much energy to produce, and have no nutritional value what so ever. You are slowly poisoning your self, spiritually and physically. Now once again with artificially created high prices for energy, the spin off. Instead of a cheeseburger, that will be a veggie burger with those fries for lunch. Hell of a lot cheaper to produce soy, than beef. That's where this is heading as energy cost push the food cost. Hopefully the World will turn to their gardens to help them financially and spiritually. Look how America would change if you simply took white out of the American diet. (bread, rice, sugar, potatoes etc.) The doctors would be the first to feel the financial crunch of a healthy citizenry. You could change a entire society with their diet alone. That's what big business has done to the citizens of America. Keep them sick and poor, from the their diet alone. Tell then they will die if they don't get their daily portion of meat. Then put poisons in the feed they feed the animals, while their lock up and force feed. America is a scary place. Here again you see the government trying to control the citizens not with guns, but just as the American Indian with diet and alcohol. It worked on the Native Americans, it also works on the Heathens. It will soon do it to the rest of the World, with nary a bullet fired. The Chines can't wait to be poisoned, guess their air wasn't enough for them. Take a basically good vegetarian diet an now feed them McDonald burgers. (poison) Big business doesn't need the military to control other countries, just give them the American diet. It will take the fight out of them, just as it is doing to the American youth of today. Now big business will have to pay more for the chemical that are petroleum based. Intern they will pass that a long to the consumer, while at the same "Time" they are poisoning their client. "Living in America." Eat your vegetables and avoid this cycle of death, created by your government letting big business poison you. American have the right not to let their foods be poisoned by the growers and middlemen. As energy cost keep growing, soon all our foods will have to be locally produced. Maybe this will all turn out for the good as the citizens relearn how to eat properly for less money. Thus having to remove all meat products and becoming more of passive, or compassionate a society. Not this waring, aggressive mentality, that is America today. People could start to take back control of their lives, with simply starting with diet. Say no to a chemical lased foods at your store. Say, stop trying to piosion me while I pay you my hard earned money. The greatest weapon against the ones poisioning America and their children, is the dollar. Stop buying their products, and they will have to conform to your needs. Not the other way around. Do this first with your diet by removing any animal meats and all whites. Like the "Aliens" keep trying to warn the citizens of the World, their is still "Time" to take back control of your own individual life. The government has taken conrol of your life with your diet, "Time" to take it back. Diet, Diet, Diet, it just as simple as that. bye

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