Monday, April 28, 2008

"Bummer, now Planet X"

Seems it's just one thing after another, every "Time" you think you have your bummers lined up, bang another comes along. "Time" is proving to the citizens of America their government can't be trusted. Citizens tired of being lied to about every aspect of their government. No where do you hear a positive thing said about American government. Not surprisingly, the mood is getting to be almost hostile. Those mother fuckers, seems to be how most people describe how they feel about the government. Instead of having persons name used to describe who is the president, it's now, 'that mother fucker'. All Bush wanted to be was president, now he's known as, 'that mother fucker'. You can see and hear a growing hatred for the federal and local governments. People will only be pushed so far, and the government doesn't know where that boiling point is. Thought these were only my opinions, wrong. Hard to find someone who is supportive of the federal government or any politician. Now if the government has been hiding the fact of Planet X, from the citizens, look out America. It will open war fare on all current and former politicians and news media types for perpetuating the lie. A true Armageddon right here is the streets of America. Is this what Bush meant, when asked what his legacy would be after he left office. Who cares, everyone will be dead, was his answer? Is Planet X about to return, and that why all the stories of underground facilities being built across America. It's 2008, and it's appearance is to seen first in the southern hemisphere skies. Some haved predicted the year would be 2003, that didn't happen. Many are mixing the Mayan December 23, 2012 as the arrival of Planet X. If it was that close to happening, wouldn't the Earth already be feeling some effects? Going back to the fact two planetary objects never collide. Doesn't the mass of the greater Planet destroy the other Planet long before it hits the object? If you could simply ask the fucking government for a truthful answer all this speculation wouldn't have to be happening. But because the government can't be trusted, the Internet is filled with stories and innuendos. This is prime example of why the government is so hated by the educated masses. And the uneducated are getting violet because they are having to do with less each day. A big old pot of hatred, getting ready to boil over. Enter Planet X, and now the shit will hit the fan, in every direction the government never knew even existed. Their inability to predict the future, has been shown in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Trying to find the truth in America, is like reading any editorial page of any major news paper. You sure as fuck aren't going to find any truth their. It would be nice to be able to call the government and ask them, about Planet X. Unfortunately their the same ones, putting lines in the skies over north Scottsdale and Phoenix today. So that's out of the fucking question, scary, scary, isn't it? Can't call the folks at the news paper, TV, or radio station for some answers, their all controlled by the government. Is the government going to protect the media types if shit come down? They will be like open game to the American citizens, hunted down. Not to sure who all else had the arrival of some thing in the sky, scary part is, the Hopi have it. That hit real close to home, for anybody living in the south west. The ancient Hopi tales are well respected here, seems everyone has a Hopi Kachina, for Karma. You'll have to search and read come to your own conclusions about Planet X. As for me, all my bets are on the Ancient Hopi and Mayan myths. Modern man has no quality track record, but the Hopi and the Mayans, have a great track record. Who do you trust, the governments track record of deceit and lies. Or the ancient Hopi, Mayan predictions? Not much of a choise their sadly, living in America!!! bye

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