Friday, May 2, 2008

"Out of Control"

As American spins wildly out of control for Joe average, the wealthy get wealthyer. And poor and uneducated go off to fight for no fucking apparent reason. Joe average will pay for the mortgage crisis and the two endless wars. Gas price going skyward, so everything else is following along, just as planned. All this to get Americas eyes off the ball, another type of shell game. Your being set up for the kill. Setting you up for the next election and who they will give you. It's exactly like someone comment to another persons comment, about how the government treats their citizens. One says, I'm not as dumb as the government thinks, next comment, that's OK your less than 1%, we have fooled the other 99%. The dumbing of Americans citizens is going well. Try to warn a friend how they are using chemical in his meat products to kill him. I explain to him, stop eating meat of any kind, his reply, pussy to. This is the ignorant ugly America, uneducated, doesn't want to be educated. He has three rental properties and a retreat in Payson. To him, this constitutes intelligence, to me, he's just killing him self to manage some banks mortgages. He believes in this reality, totally, or to me a one and out soul. He thought this was all their was to the game of life. How fucking much shit do I have, is it more shit then you have? I have more shit than you, so "God" must love me more mentality. Never thinking for a moment how he attained his bull shit material items, he loves them all. Can't possibly think of living with out them. Like doing electrical work at a wealthy person home, have more shit then they will ever know what to do with, but they love every item. They couldn't live with out them, bull shit mentality. How many fucking toys do you and your children need. Does the make up for the fact their isn't an ounce of spirituality in you. Like watching a lower form of human eating their meal, all hunched over their food, shoving it in, like pigs on a farm. Found this educated Black kid on You Tube ( Tha144000), a Black me, warning the Blacks about the material World and whats about to happen to them. Reminding them of what the whites did to the Blacks during the Katrina disaster. Quit acting like the image the TV gave them, take that fucking hub cap off your fucking chest. Remember, not to long ago you where a slave. Same exact bull shit the media did to the young white boys. Got them dressing like the blacks, plumb forgot they where fucking white. Just shows you the power of the media over most Americans, they got to my kids. I'm a dumb old dinosaur the media and the schools has conveyed to them. That's OK, I'll just let the skies talk for me, I have more faith in them than they have in what ever they believe. They didn't have a chance and I know that, so it's all cool. To the educated, and spiritual I have good words to say. To the uneducated, I'm a threat. Lately been noticing three Stars a lined in a V shape, but more stretched out, in the skies to the west. Seem to be semitic which seems odd, plus can't remember seeing them before. I'm no astronomer, but I kind of know my local skies, in central Arizona. I'm all ready looking for Planet X, to many ancient stories of this baby being out their some where. Same reason the Germans knew that UFOs have been around forever, after their first encounters in the thirties. Can't say if I ever read any where about the Mayans having this connect. Only the fact that someone would return. Maybe just a different way of saying Planet X, like the characters in the Popul Vuh? Or as the Popul Vuh ends, 'Here we are, again, at Santa Cruz', the return of Planet X. Does It seems to take mankind the same amount of "Time" for mankind to reach decadence. As I've written before, the father returns to find the spoiled, out of control child. Then must punish the child for their misdeeds, while he was away. The Hopi have it, and many of their stories go hand in hand with the Mayan tales. Is this why things are so out of control? Keeping mankind's eyes off of whats really going on in their skies. If Planet X exist, this would fit perfectly with every religions and ancient tales from the past. As the bible says, the 144,000 souls that would be save to rebuild the Earth after the cleansing has occurred, in Revelations. Are the Bush, Chaney types in this group, to be saved? People like that are the reason the Planet gets destroyed, or returns to Santa Cruz. They themselves are lost souls, leading other lost souls. Bush and Chaney are the poster boys for lost souls, leading other lost souls to a spiritual death, both, out of control. bye

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