Saturday, May 3, 2008

'PBS, NPR and Propaganda"

As America deteriorates at a rapid pace, so does any honesty coming from our so called public news and information media. The ones (NPR, PBS) who are suppose to be by partisan, have become just another piece of the media propaganda machine. Being an ex Air Dale in the Navy during the Vietnam era, I was looking forward to watching the mini series "Carrier" on PBS. I had volunteered for every carrier the Navy had to offer out of boot camp. Trying to get as far away from the desert as I could. The Navy had other ideas and sent me to Hawaii for safe keeping during the Vietnam war. Being put in a transport squadron of C-118 cargo planes, or as the airlines called them DC-6. Each plane had a crew of about 6, pilot, copilot, navigator, plane captain and a couple of guys to take care of the cargo. Some "Times" war supplies cargo, some "Times" Marines. Every month I would submit my request to be a crew member, every month for three and a half years I was denied. As I look back, I now know that someone just didn't want me not to see the ugly side of what the military was doing during the Vietnam war. As I got older I realized why, I can influence others opinions with my honesty. The government has no place for people like me and others, with knowledge. People like me are always trying to expand their knowledge base. Not just reaching a Peter Principle and stop attempting to further any knowledge base. The system wants you to think you are ignorant, then control you. It's I'll trust the government to do whats right for me. Well you can clearly see where that has gone, steadily down hill into a shit basket (Navy term). The powers at large are soulless thieves. Instead of trying to tell the story of life aboard a Naval Carrier, it turned into a Bush and the system propaganda show. They just keep pushing the fact on Americans, they are a waring society. War is good, and some how "God" or Jesus is behind America 100%. Just blatantly open propaganda coming from PBS. Using young men to tell the audience, that a Carrier three football fields long is environmentally good. Now how in the fuck can that big ass ship in the ocean, be environmentally safe? Showing some how, aluminum cans and trash being throw over board is good. Not saying how the nuclear reactor is cooled, knowing damn well ocean water is being used. Reminding the viewer how environmentally bad the cruise lines are on the oceans environment. And the ignorant uneducated American will set watch and believe what they are being told. You can see this system getting more open about their propaganda as Americans get dumber and dumber each day. No reason to even attempt to hide the fact they are telling constant lies. Their seems to be very little moral character left in American society to be able to with stand the on slaught. The pure openness of the lies, tell the true story of how controlled Americans day to day life's are totally controlled. The Bush administration tried to remove PBS government funding, but that failed. So it would appear they just simply took control of the programs on PBS. PBS has the same amount of commercial as the networks, from the same power brokers that control Americans day to day lives. Today they are controlling you with gas prices and inflation, keeping you freaked out over your personal matters. (Eight Bell broke both front ankle after finishing second in the Kentucky Derby, she was put down on the spot, sad day) Three year old horses are to young and underdeveloped to be racing. The same situation you have in the military today. The uneducated and underdeveloped going off to fight old men's wars for sheer entertainment and profit. Asking 18 years old to fight and die in a foreign land for no apparent reason. No different than a 3 year old horse. Then after the kid or the horse breaks down, you have no need for them again. Put a gun to their head, because now they are a burden on American society. When you have nothing to give in Americans throw away society, you also are put down. Just like the filly Eight Bells, was put down. In today's America, all media has now been put under control. Only news freedom comes from bloggers and foreign counties. As the media keeps reminding you how fucking free you are and how the American media is the only ones in the World that can be trusted. And the malnutrition, ignorant America, nods his head in approval, with his hand over his heart as he sing the national anthem. Basically saying, I have no mind of my own, so you tell me how the eat, think, and dress. All at the same "Time", laughing at you from behind your back, at how easily you where lead to the slaughter. Looking at you saying, the fools let me poison them. So go to your favorite fast food place and get your share of poison today, your even dumb enough to pay them for the privilege to kill you slowly. Not to quickly though, want you to pay into the social security, until age 65. Then it's OK if you die, after all, that's all they wanted you for. They have stolen all your retirement funds, spent them on created wars and false enemies. Did the exact same thing to the Native American Indians with their fees for taking natural resources from their lands, after all the treaties where settled. No different then the cattle they feed you. Keep them alive for as long as they are getting larger, or paying taxes, then kill them off. Yep, this is where America has ended up, the back waters of the Universe. Look at your fucking president and vice presidents faces, tell me you can't see all that deceit and lies. bye

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I hope you get back on your medication soon.