Sunday, May 4, 2008

"A Mother's Tears, Mary Tillman"

Today's Arizona Republic, or Repulsive ran an article on Mary Tillman's new book. As I've written before, I always believed that Pat Tillman was set up and assassinate in Afghanistan, so does Mary Tillman. Mary Tillman says in the article, the military used the death of her son Pat as propaganda. The military is ran by soulless bastards like Bush and Cheney, where the end always justifies the means. Pat was far better off to the military propaganda machine dead than alive. There is always some uneducated soul to take a Pat Tillman's place in battle. That's why the military seeks out the uneducated kids from a broken families. Knowing damn well the educated child isn't going to run off and die for oil in Afghanistan or Iraq. Never talked to a young educated kid yet that said he was willing to volunteer for the military now. That's why all the back door reenlistments, or all the propaganda such as the PBS program, "Carrier". Here are a few words from Mary Tillman. My frustration is mounting and I feel as though I want to cry. "Why would Pat have been defibrillated" I ask? "He essentially had no head and he had been dead at least two hours before getting to field hospital". Answer, "ma'am" he says self-righteously, we normally don't fault someone for trying to save someone's life. Pat had been shot three times in the head from close range, assassination, I'd say so. ( the Army killed my first son, also) Like I've said before, I'm quite aware what the military machine is capable of doing. No bright person ever enlists or becomes a politician, only the lower forms of humanity. That why every so often their has to be a cleansing of the evil on the Planet Earth. Just as mankind is about to have happen again. The soulless bastards are removed from the Earth, so their can be a new birth. Just as the anonymous soulless person making a comment on my thoughts about PBS and NPR propaganda. Someone who never lost a child or served in the military, a fucking Chicken Hawk as Jessie Ventura called them. To Chicken to serve but are a fucking Hawks when it's someone Else's kid. The lowest of the lowest, the throw away human, they are soulless, gutless. The same types that running the country now. Look at Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others in office now. More than willing to send your child off to die, for their fucking ego, may they all burn in hell for eternity!!! Created all this bullshit going on around the American citizen now. Running up gas prices so they can drill for oil in Alaska, fucking whores, all of them. Can never take enough from other human beings around them self's. The sad ending to all this insanity is, from the A.R. paper. "No officer or soldiers have been subject to criminal prosecution in connection with Pat Tillman's death or subsequent misstatements". They even gave poor old Pat Tillman a Silver Cross, a medal for valour, while dieing in the battle field. Just another example of the Fix, called the American way of life. Look how America must look to the rest of the World and the Universe, like fucking morons running amuck. Even Americans are afraid of their own government, it's spelled, Democracy, better put, a "mockery" of freedom. How many more Mary Tillmans are their living in America, how many will their be in the future. While the propaganda machine pumps out the bull shit, and traps America's youth. Their children didn't have a chance, they bought into the created enemy propaganda, brain wash when young. Older wise men, don't fight others mens battles for them. Better put, I don't have dog in this fight. "God" bless you Mary Tillman and all the other moms who wonder just how their child really died, where their children all hero's also? Was all the suffering in vain? A Christian, maybe not a great Christian and I where talking about the Bible a few days ago. Happen to have a Bible on the table where I write my blogs from. We where talking about why I was a vegetarian, being he was a Christian and I'm not, asked how much he knew about the Bible. Opened the Bible to Genesis 27 thru 31, said start reading. He finished, looked over to me and said, "He" even said fish, notice the He, he used. Their was already a seed in his head, that just needed nourishment. Then out of the mouths of babes he says. "God" wouldn't have wanting you to eat the animals after He had Noah save all the animals. Pure spirituality is setting dormant in most peoples minds, their simple stuck in the material World. Brain washed and controlled into believing they need more and more stuff. Now a line from a mother who never had a child in harms way in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hillary Clinton, who do you want answering the phone at Three in the Morning? What a bunch of made up propaganda bull shit. If they never attacked America in the first place, how in the fuck are they going to do it now. Always trying to keep the citizens in fear of something, been doing it for damn near a hundred years now. And the American citizens can't seem to figure this little fact out. Diamondbacks can't beat the Mets and America citizens aren't putting up much of a fight for freedom. bye

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