Monday, May 5, 2008

"This and That"

Always remember Monday is a Hopi Holiday, Harold the Hopi. Caught the end of Mary Tillman being interviewed on 60 Minutes last night. Like clock work from the media Propaganda Machine, the whore Katie Couric tried to make Mary look vengeful. When you try and seek out the truth from the government, your always painted like the villain. Short, unpopular Katie Couric was willing to do the military's bidding. A mother loses a child and a whore like Katie Couric and 60 Minutes are willing to try and discredit her for seeking the truth. Knew this would be the case, poor Mary didn't. Bet she knows today the media sleeps with American Propaganda Machine. They are the ones who created them, sell your soul and we will pay you well for it. I was surprised they even let on the air, they did, then they tried their best to discredit her. Like an idiot, I thought 60 Minutes would give poor old Mary Tillman some respect. They sent the short bitter cunt after her, does Katie Couric feel taller today? Just another soulless whore, working for the media. How in the hell do you get shot three times in the head. Look what one bullet did to John F. Kennedy, sent his brains flying backwards. Someone stood over Pat Tillman and fired three shoots into his head. A pure and simple assassination for propaganda reasons. These people who are behind these things, are the lowest of the lowest type of human being. Even Pat knew he might be killed for propaganda reasons. Once he was in the military, didn't take him long to figure out how things really work. His fears where justified, and Mary will never get an answer. Just like Timothy Mcveigh, and others, dead men don't talk. This shows the true under belly of the American government's way of doing business. When you read the Bible, in Revelations why Babylon was destroyed, it describes how America is today. If the story is true and the dates where meant to represent modern "Times", America would be the definition of this. No other country on Earth represents this more than America. "God" would come down and destroy all the power brokers and their associates. The mouth of the Beast would be shut, media personalities would all be killed off. The Beast tongue would be ripped out. When I read Revelations it just seems like present "Times". All the player are in place, war in Summer, the birth place of civilization, the cycle has been completed, back once again to Santa Cruz. The Mayans never missed a lick, all fits to well. Don't know if it's planet X, or what, but the "Time" is right for some thing to kick in. Seems everyone I talk to has this feeling in their gut, like Pat Tillman did. Something just doesn't seem right with the World. It's like their is a peace of DNA in you that's getting ready to be born. Planet X and the Mayan story of the return of the Turtle are the same story, told with different characters. It came to me like a wet fist in the night, a line from Chicken Man. Their is the story of Planet X in the Mayan history. That makes it fit with the Hopi end "Time" story of the large object in the sky turning backwards, with the Swastika on it. The Hopi story of how the good people will start wandering back to the Hopi home land when the "Time" is right. Every Hopi I ever talked to, knew of this story. And everyone of them said the end "Times" are near. This is why the learned people have this feeling, where people like Bush and Cheney don't. These people represent the spiritual beings that still reside on Planet Earth. The killers and murders wouldn't have this ability, they live simply for the moment. Like Bush dancing around with all the gold around his neck given to him by the Saudi. Just like the story of the pirates who filled their pockets with gold before abandoning a burning ship. Their spiritual trip was over, they choose the gold instead of a after live. These types are running the government and the military machine, all the way down to the news media. They have traded the after life, for a pot of gold here on Earth. Yep, the Turtle is about to return, and as the Mayan tale goes. The Turtle moves slowly, but surely, the story is right their, of the "Tortoise and the Hare". Their is your story of Planet X as a rhyme. This all coming together as I type these words right now. The Turtle brings change on it's back, North, South, East and West. Look it up in the ancient Mayan writings, see what the Hopi say about this in their Tales from the Ancient ones. All fit with the Sumerians writings perfectly also. Planet X is large and The Turtle is large in the Mayan tales. Hopi, Mayan and Sumerians where all great astronomers, they knew there would be the return of a large object every so often. All just used different terms to describe the same story. Wow this never really fit together until right now. Like always, a tough question had a simple answer. The Gods" made sure enough knowledge was left out their in ancient writings and tales. The Hopi only had their tales, they had no written language. They were the first, and "God" knew words written down could be construed. Writing would be given to the Mayans and the Sumerians. The Hopi where isolated and had no need for a written language. Their dances and ceremonies where their written language. That is the common thread, the return of something. The common thread that has everyone thinking something just isn't right with the World. Called my astronomer friend to ask, if everything was in the right place in the sky. This was long before I started chasing Planet X around. Just all makes sense, every place now has a place. Only answer left is when, who has the correct date. I'm betting on the Mayan "Time" being right, and why their is a infinity symbol at the end of the Earth calender year 2012. A good day for knowledge it would appear. bye

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