Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Electricity is Lazy"

Just like mankind, electricity always takes the shortest path to ground. It like mankind is always looking for the easy way out. Always on the look out for a shorter path, less energy. So how does that differ from mankind and his quest for the easy life? Your body is no more than a electrical generator, with circuits, or wiring. All plants and animals are configured this way. All have DNA like mankind. Even plants and animals can be traced to their origins, or birth. Like mankind all plants and animals have personality, or a soul. They where genetically engineered by someone, "God". Santa Clause and his helpers, the greys or elves that seem to show up in ancient tales and writings. Who is "God", if we were created by some thing, who created the something? "God" of which Universe, are the "Aliens" local "Gods"? Is mankind a descendant of the Annunaki, from the Red Planet Nibiru. Are the Sumerians correct in their ancient tales? Sumerians, Hopi, Mayans all have the same tale. Kobin bible has the same exact tale, it's got to be out their. Christian Bible in Revelations has the story of Wormwood, the celestial body that's part of Planets. All of a sudden the World has been getting all these killer storms. Now the country of Myanmar, within it's 140 MPH winds. Is the feeling people have in their stomach now, the gravitational pull of Nibiru? Do people even want to know, here is an example. A bud called wanting some free electrical information on Web boxes. (portable distribution) We finished so I asked him how well he knows his Bible, he goes to church twice a week. Asked if he heard of Planet X, he replied yes, asked if he heard of Wormwood in his Bible. He goes, now if your are going to scare me, I don't want to hear it. I want to be like one of your friends who told you not to tell him things. I go, it's your Bible and belief system, you put a lot of faith in something you don't read. It's the line I heard once, we don't read that part of the Bible. The Christian Bible can be a good history book. But turn it into organized religion and now you got big problems. It's like a damn old naval, every one got one. (opinion) Most Christians I ever meet, all have a separate agenda anyway. Now you have 11,000 types of Christianity, all saying their the true way. But meanwhile back at the ranch house, Neil's been tied up. Neil is Planet Earth and Nibiru is the reality of the situation at hand. It wasn't your grand parents problem, it's your problem now. Can't be denied, just a mater of knowing where it's at in the local Universe. Can't believe it can't be their now, to common of a thread in all followings. You don't need NASA to tell you, their is water on other Planets. I've never been to New York, but I'm pretty damn sure it's their. If comet are made of water, that's enough prof for me. NASA give me back my part of the money. Now if all religions have in on form or another the same tale, I have to trust that far more than government propaganda. Could the Hopi eagle collection each year be a ancient ritual to keep them safe from Nibiru. A sacrifice to the "Gods" for save passage through the Stars? Is mankind truly the descendants of Nibiru. Would they have had to use some of their own DNA to get mankind going. There where many failures as the Mayans and the Hopi tales have it. In the Bible Adam would have been Mud Man, first proto type in the evolution of mankind. Does to take a rib from Adam mean, take a piece of DNA from Adam for Eve. The animals on the Planet couldn't talk or say prayers. So mankind would of had to have been from a higher source, or he would be no different than the other creatures on Planet Earth. Evolution won't fit, divine intervention and creation by others is the only answer. The "Aliens" have always been with mankind on Earth. Nurturing and protecting the inhabitants of Earth. Mankind already is playing with other species on Earth. Imagine having a 100,000 year head start playing with the DNA. Look no father than the food chain, damn near everything has been altered, Kentucky Derby horses. Breaders have been playing with that DNA from day one. What would make mankind any different, nothing. No matter what you believe in, your saviour lives in the sky. This is the knowledge mankind is about to learn. Just a small part of a much larger Universe of humanity. Probably a lower form, look at the World today. With blood thirsty America at the bottom of the realms on the Earth. The descendants of the heathens, found America. The Worlds poor and uneducated came to America first. An this is the by product of the heathens, a country always looking for war. Where's that Pagan "GOD" anyway? bye

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