Friday, May 9, 2008

"So You Want to Scare Yourself?"

Over heard a Mexican kid on his cell phone, talking about a "Alien" movie. He was one generation an a walk through the desert, from some farm field in Mexico. The Mexicans, legal or not are easily cajoled into the American propaganda machine. Their traditional music like or not is Polka based sound, opa, opa. The low riders are right out of the American fifties hot rodders. The young girl still dress from the fifties, with all that make up and bright cloths. The Zoot suiters dress came from the L.A. Blacks they where fighting with. The Blacks where dressing as the Jewish media portrayed them in the movies. The Mexicans where invading the Black turf, and job market in L.A.. The Mexican Americans now have the same fate as the Indian American, trying to live in two Worlds. A change in diet and thinking will over whelm them all. Their all powerless to stop something they don't even see coming. All three groups, haven't forget what the Honkies have done to them and it still continues until today, they just keep it under wraps. The media has them all under control, new in town syndrome, hey sailor. All groups will soon lose their identities and remove themselves from old traditions. The Media will slowly but surely win them over. You see it her in Arizona on the job sites. Second generation Mexican don't even speak Spanish. Did the same thing to the America Indian. Now the Indian tribes are finally starting to regroup their past. Hearing the kid on the telephone brought this all home. The "Aliens" are the bad guys because the government controlled Jewish media says so. Leon Russell's, "Stranger in a strange land", playing in the back ground. The kid was telling someone who probably didn't give a shit, how scared he got watching some movie. I said to him if you want to scare your self, Google Planet X. This scary stuff is free, if you are ready for it. It's called, not letting MGM tell you how to think. Read all of Revelations one evening, that should give you some good night mares. Just living in these "Times" is scary enough, if your some what educated. But the media has taken all their free thoughts away from them. The White trash, Native America, Blacks and the Hispanics, all dress the same with their baggie cloths. They all even now walk like the Blacks, Jewish media at it's finest. If the Sumerians stories are right and mankind on Earth where breed to be labors in the mining and smelting of gold. This would be the modern by product of the that. Humans easily manipulated to do what you ask of them. The American government has done the exact same thing to main stream American population. Using the media to keep the lies out, remove any free thought. Or their is no free thought, only the thought that is put into your head. Just basic animal instincts, with the ability to read and write. Is this truly what mankind is, a genetically engineered labor force? With basic instincts for shelter, food, sex, a spiritual base has not yet been formed. Is this spiritual development, mankind's final hurdle to over come. To leave the material World and enter the spiritual realm? Is this the leap that mankind cannot over come? Look at the World today, where is the spirituality in mankind. Mankind still lusting for things of the Earth, and not of the future. And then Nibiru return and save the few who have made the spiritual transition? All faiths stories tell of the return of their creator, all say He or She promised to return. what fits this story better than a Planet X, or what ever you want to call it. To the Mayans it's the Turtle, to the Sumerians it's Nibiru, to the Christians it's Wormwood and on and on, pick your faith or belief. The common denominator is the return from the Heavens of mankind's Creator. Their are plenty of ways to scare yourself, but gaining knowledge is the answer. Knowledge bring questions needing answers. A few good souls live this way here on Earth, maybe Nibiru is here to retrieve them, just as all good books have a happy ending for those who strive to be better than those around them. This is the reason the educated people have more fears than the heathens only lusting for personal gain. No "Time' for fear, when the good "Times" are rolling. Personally, I'm always scared, juslt look around your self. bye

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