Saturday, May 10, 2008

"The Beast and the United States Government"

America is your Beast in Revelations of the Bible. The Beast has it's slaves praising it for protection from nothing but an enemy it has created. Taxing the citizens and then creating a terrorist enemy of very few. Has Americas 350,000,000 citizens scared of a few paid thugs that get the uneducated poor Muslim to think America is the base of all their problems. Hell I even think America is responsible for most of my problems. Scared to death of the propaganda machine, scared how the uneducated believe it. The Beast even kills it's own citizens to control the massed, 911. America is Babylon, with it's soulless leadership and population running amok. A blood thirsty society always telling it's citizen how free they are. Ask the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, how much freedom they have. They gave away their freedom the day the joined, it was is the fine print. You can't even trust your own governments fine print. They can fuck their soldiers around until they are all dead. Keep sending them back into battle until they are killed or commit suicide. This is your soulless Beasts followers doing this to fellow human beings. Make the Sumerian story seem even truer when compared to the American government. The United States Air Force now even protects Cyberspace from some created invaders from outer space. What the hell is Cyberspace anyway? Have yet to hear a good explanation of Cyberspace's meaning. Cyberspace the word was created by William Gibson in a 1982 movie, "Burning Chrome". A Science fiction term the Air Force now has a weapon for. Just like the Muslim Terrorist they have created for the American public. All this fiction propagandized into looking like some great enemy is about to attack America at any moment. But in typical governmental fashion, they know how little the American citizens pay attention to facts. They have taught the American citizens to like big words like centrifuge, Weapons of Mass Destruction, hostile enemies of the American interest. Creating all this bull shit why they steal the citizens money, and keep them in fear. This is the same government that faked going to the Moon, killed Kennedy, Tillman and on and on. The Beast that lets big business poison your food, pollute your water and air. Here in the Phoenix metro area were are under a Ozone pollution alert for this weekend. California's air is polluting our skies 500 miles away. the Beast now have all the young kids thinking it's cool to have tattoos. While their Christian Bible tell mankind not to deface your body. Getting the next generation to get a custom to make the mark of the Beast tattooed on them. Dumb them up, then put brands on them, just like the cattle men in the American west. It's all so obvious to the educated, but to the uneducated they can't see it coming. Just like the Latin immigrants that are pouring across Americas boarders. They will have them all lined up and forgetting their roots. They where easy, they had already bought into the Catholic scam. Gave them the Lady of Guadalupe, who was created later by the Catholic Priest. The same Catholic who's fore fathers slaughtered their ancestors. Come on in to America the water is fine, you will drive the rest of the working population wages down. That's all they need them for, they can have them all killed off by age sixty with the American diet and medicines. All the money they paid into the system then can be stolen for other uses, like controlling the population of America mentally and physically. This could all come to an end if the citizens will just say no more. A quiet revolution, just stop, shut the system down by not going to work. The system lives off the taxes, just stop the madness by with a shut down. This will never happen, the propaganda has set into the mind set of the American citizens. They have told them they are the smartest and have the most freedoms of anybody on Earth. And by "God" they believe it to be true. See what Planet X has to say about all of this bull shit in America. The Beast has noting for you, it only takes from you. bye

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