Sunday, May 11, 2008

"I was a Coal (Gold) Miner's Daughter"

Is that where mankind started, the children of Gold miners, mining gold for the Anunnaki? Are the Sumerian stories true as to the origins of mankind. A People seeking to save their own civilization from destruction? A civilization that needed an entity on Earth that could take instructions and be taught to mine and smelter gold and gold ore. Create a inter structure to support the mining and smelting of the Gold. Did it all start in modern day Iraq, or Sumeria? In a Babylonian tale, the first children where, Lahm and Lahm, the muddy ones. Here again the first people on Earth have a mud or dirt origin, Bible's Adam, Hopi and Mayan, Mud Man. This would explain why mankind is in such a primitive state of mind. A hi-bred of the Anunnaki people of Planet X or Nibiru. Made in "God's" likeness, but with the ability to work on Earth. The animals of the Planet couldn't do this work for the Anunnaki people. Kind of explains the Mayan story of Mud Man and his inability to say praises to the "Gods". Instead of praises, it would of been to take instructions from the Anunnaki people. As the Mayan tale goes the first people could only stammer and studder words. A failure of the Anunnaki first attempt at making mankind. The Anunnaki needed someone they could communicate with, to do their Earthly work. So they used a piece of their own DNA and created Mankind. Fits, fits, fits, even fit with all creation stories myths. The Sumerian stories of the Anunnaki people fits in the Bible, The Urantia, Popul Vuh, Hopi tales, Kolbrin Bible, every where. Explains why Bush and Chaney are such lower forms of humanity. Why they have no feeling for the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Direct descendants of the Anunnaki miners, born with out souls to grow on spiritually. Then who are the people walking around here on Earth with souls? If not from the Anunnaki miner descendents, then where. Are these the Martians descendents, another entity living in the Universe? Where did the Martians go when their environment left them? How many visitors are on the Earth to see what happens to mankind? All these ancient tale of how all of humanity in the Universe is connected. Is the common connection a strand of DNA, is this the common building block of the know universe? Their is so much bull shit put out by the media now days, the only writings that can be trusted are the ancient writings and tales. This is why the Catholic and the Christians have always tried to destroy other cultures spiritual beliefs. The Catholic did their best to try and destroy the the 'Great Book' of the Mayans. Even in American, the Christian led government tried to keep the 'Book of the Hopi' from being published. The fucking Christians have stymied the development of mankind. Just as the fucking Catholic have been doing from day one. Are the people of the Earth with souls, the next generation of inhabitants of the Earth. Is this the beginning of the Aquarian Age, a age of souls. Where as today, their seems to be very few people walking around caring for others around them or having a soul. Only interested in what is good for them. Have no "Time" for spiritual development. Don't wants to learn something that may have to cause a change in their lives. The, don't scare me with true knowledge people? The soulless and brainwashed people of America. Waiting for the TV to tell them every thing they know, or need to know. While always keeping them in fear of anything that requires the government to protect them from that enemy. Like how now the Air Force protects American from Cyberspace, I mean fuck, give me and the other educated people a break. That never going to happen, this group is just ignored, like Pat Tillmans story. That seem to be the norm, in today's society. It seems the Anunnaki also created the "Aliens" to stay behind an take care of the inhabitants of the Earth. So when the Anunnaki return, they can save the Good souls of the Earth from the destruction caused by the re-arrival of Nibiru. Then are other entities sent out ahead to see how mankind is progressing, in preparation for the arrival of the Anunnaki? No different then sending out a scout to check out the enemy. Could they fear how far mankind had progressed with his weapons, while they have been away? Right now America is trying to build star Wars type weapons. To be used used on who, or was that what Regan was trying to say. The Anunnaki are returning and they are not going to like what they are about to see. So instead of letting the Anunnaki destroy the governments of the World. Governments are trying to prepare for a fight? Is this the true beginning of a galactic battle for control of the Earth? Ancient history has told this has happened before. The same cycle, where mankind developed along the same path each "Time" the Anunnaki leave and return. The ending of the Popol Vuh, here we are at Santa Cruz again. Will this be the final "Time", as mankind has proven he cannot get beyond the stage of development? Look how little, spiritually mankind has developed. As Perry Mason would say, I rest my case. Was sent to take a look around, and make a report of what I've seen, letters home. bye

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Felton Barch said...

yeah it FITS!!!!
Good summary of observations and thoughts that many share, myself included.
The old *dogma* that we have been force-fed in our generation and from those who ate the dogma food before us all DOESNT fit.
Can you feel the awakening? I can!!! And hear about it from others .... a big AHA going on around the planet.

What's next?

The Passing is coming soon ... in my opinion (which echoes the opinions and investigations of scientists and spiritual people much more informed than I am) ... as has been predicted by the sages in many cultures. A repeat of the Passing ... a repeat of the force that caused the plagues, the floods, the days of darkness on one side of the planet, and days of light on the other. What parted the Red Sea? What caused the floods?
Prepare, or sit back and enjoy the show ... some amount of the previous generations survived with only primitive skills ... it can be done again.