Monday, May 12, 2008

"Media Whores"

While listening to John Lear talk on You Tube, I was reading the comments about what he was saying. Discovered that NASA was going to have a news conference Wednesday the 14 and announce they had found an object on the edge galaxy, Planet X. This after what the Japanese had announced last week about another celestial body in the solar system edge. Their was no way NASA could hide the event of Planet X arrival. This puts to rest any speculation about if such a object exist. Funny how I had just finished my blog when I found this out. Speculating on how Planet X had to be out their, because of my reading. Speculation now is over, what comes next? Got up early because my stomach is upset about the latest news, wanted to call my astronomer friend to see what he knew. Checked my local news paper, (propaganda) not a word on the subject. Turn on TV 3 news to see if they had anything, all the other networks news are the three major network, no trust in these whores. Can't fucking even trust FOX fucking propaganda machine, their all just as bad. So how will the media be told to spin this story? At the same "Time" reading about the Earth quake in China and the death tole in Myanmar's is much higher than first reported. a bunch of people killed in the mid west again from deadly tornadoes. All the thing that are suppose to be happening when Planet X get closer to the Earth. All these natural disaster happening while at the same "Time" America is at war. All the prophecies that where supposed to be happening in "End Times", are now happening. Go get stoned and pretend these things aren't happening, my ass. Had talked to Mormon about why the Mormons are so prepared for Armageddon, and the arrival of Planet X again. The Mormons knew of this because of Wormwood in Revelations. Also the Mormons don't have a problem with the "Alien" idea either, that would just be the Angles to them. More parts of the puzzle that fit together. What life was meant to be on Planet Earth, a learning experience. It all fits together like an old rock and roll song. 'The boys are back and their going to be trouble'. Better start minding your P's and Q's. (British for, pints and quarts) You don't want Santa Claus to put coal in your sock, the kiss of death. Yep no news on such a momentous thing as locating Planet X, just shit about Gena Bush's wedding. Fucking worthless networks, see what the World holds for these whores. Grown men on the news telling this bull shit propaganda about the presidents daughter. Not even men, fucking lap dogs, oh well, enough on that. John Lear was an X test pilot for the Air Force. Fun to listen to even if you don't agree with all he has to say. He had a very good point on 911, and the aircrafts that hit the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. A pilot with many years experience would have a hard "Time" hitting those buildings dead center. He was a retire airline pilot himself, he also said the aircraft could only fly at 350 knots and not at 550 knots. An alarm would go off in the cockpit that would drive you nuts. He believed Holograms where used to make people think aircraft hit the buildings. He believes it was a controlled explosion, that would explain why the concrete turned into dust and not slabs laying on each other. The same thing Jessie Ventura said about the the rubble from the towers. Mr. Lear said that the holograms where broad cast from AE-1 that was seen in the air that day. One little video I found on You Tube says a thousand words. 'Return of the Anunnaki "Gods" Tell the story of what happen to a tribe on a island during WWII. How the Americans seem to be "Gods" to them because the flew onto their island, then left, good stuff, funny. Like the movie "The Gods must be Crazy". bye

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