Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Peek A Boo, Where's the Pea"

Brought to you by the same people who gave you the Moon landing, presents you a Super Nova. Who work for the people who said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. The same people that poison your daily lives with propaganda. Yep, they all seem pretty trust worthy to me. What are you hiding Big Brother, where are you going to hide? Do you have enough energy to stop 350,000,000 pissed off Americans citizens? Wrong, you are only good at stealing and deception, you have no real skills. Thief's never learn any skills, their only skills are lying to those around them self's, these are the lowest form of humanity. These are the descendants of the Annunaki miners. These are the people the "Aliens" are trying to warn the citizens of the Planet about. Your "Time" is short, your supporters will be left behind to defend for themselves. And just like in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war, the citizens will slaughter them all, then come looking for you. And just as in Iraq, plenty of weapons will be left behind to kill you with. How are you going to control the masses from finding you? "Time" to see how much technology you really have. "Time" to separate the bull shit from the truth. Are you the same people who planned the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? All the above is obvious true, so where are you hiding the pea. As I said to a friend, these are some scary "Times" to live in, he just shook his head in approval. You try and tell the citizens you been looking for the particular Super Nova for fifty years. How in the fuck did you even know it existed in the first place. Someone at NASA work up one morning and said, hey their must be a Super Nova real close. The same people who couldn't even fake a Moon lander well. And the Worlds people look at the ugly American and laughs, now it's own citizens laugh with them. Little ignorant Bush and his band of thieves, have made a mockery of the American citizens. Other sit and look at America and wonder when will the American public wake up. The rest of the World talks of a revolution happening in America soon. Why can't the citizens of America see this, the controlled media. A society that has been robbed of their souls with organized religion. With the relentless propaganda from the media blaring in their ears. Taking the most soulless ones from the the same society and having them spread the propaganda. The Rush Limbaugh and O'Reily type are all to willing. A drug addict and the other has gone crazy from a little power, that was given him by others above him. They are the people who are willing to prostrate them self for a little notoriety, or face "Time" on TV. The net works are full of these types of lower forms. (miners on TV) Clue less to the fact they might have to answer to someone out their in the Universe after death. This ain't it folks, their is a big old ass Universe out their, but not in America. They been told they are the center of the entire Universe and they (the miners) believe it and are willing the watch their sons and daughter defend it to their deaths. Yep looks all pretty trust worthy to me, the center of the Universe hey. That's where I'd want to be in hard "Times", the center of the Universe. (known) These people are so easy to make fun of, just imagine Bush and Chaney as miners in 2008 with power, but that's probably what you have. These model didn't come with souls, if I remember right. No wonder the "Aliens" shoot down the Honkies shit. The American government scare the shit out of me and a few others also. The government killing someone, is like taking a breath of air to others. Oh well, live goes on. In trying to attain a higher spiritual level and you reach it, does your body or others repair your body for you? That's where I'm going next, is their a history of this from the past? History tell of the elves, UFOs and "Aliens" often. Didn't Jesus say you could attain him, by imitating his life style? So called spiritual leaders of the present and past would have never attained this level. Spiritualist don't need followers, only the lower forms need adulation like all the whores on the religious networks. Look at me, "God" has ordained my dumb ass, ha, ha. Miner found spirituality, through the tithing dish. Physician heal thy self, it that the true meaning of that story. Work on your spiritual side to enable your body to repair it's self. Not run to some fucked up wealthy doctor who's only their to give you drugs he is told to give you by others (drug companies) and live the good life for doing it. Like your church, it's only vested interest is in your wallet. You see more and more of these self healing books on TV. Try being a vegetarian and becoming more spiritual. You don't need no videos to tell you just start reading and mainly thinking in the quit of you own home. "God" has already put the wiring in their for it, not one to miss a lick after a few tries. Nobody here on Earth has an answer, it's all in your own head. Only you have walked in your shoes. Like they always told us in the Navy, if you think you are sick now, just go to sick bay. Leaned my lesson at an early age, heal thy self. Be kind to those around you, feed the birds and exercise. Thank those above you for save passage in your daily life, and see what happens to you. Maybe they will heal your body for you, been good to me so far? bye

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