Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Self Healing"

Started researching the past and present for ways of self healing, found many sources, but who to trust? Like a navel, every religion or belief system seems to think they have these abilities. I even notice how good all my plants are doing since building my bitchin Orgone generator and placing it with my (God's) plants on the patio. So now I can throw in a mechanical angle into the equation, crystals and copper. In this day and age, everybody thinks they have an answer for the right amount of money. Buddhist have their theories, but seeing a Buddhist Temple being built in a poor neighborhood in Phoenix by illegals has turned me against them. Don't the Amish build their own Churches? Like all religions, they all need the poor and under educated to fill their coffers full of money. If the Dali Lama had any real power, he would have done as ancient Hopi leaders would of done. Thrown himself off a cliff to try and save his own people in Tibet. Thus retuning more Spiritual than before, if he had to return at all. Apparently he doesn't have much faith in his own faith. No faith in the faith that he would return a better person for doing this to help his own following. Looks to me like he just likes being in the news and on TV, but no sacrificing on his part. Their will be no sacrificing on his part, he's to well fed and a live. (fat) Just like fat ass Cheney and his soulless friends in the War machine, where are the prostitutes. It appears that all groups had Healers before the advent of organized religion. A Shaman or Healer provided enlightenment for the group or tribe. Shamans or Healers would leave the physical World and enter into the Spiritual World to gather and bring back knowledge to the group. This was done solely for the betterment of the group and not for self gain. Nothing like what modern mankind has today. Ministers and doctors live lavishly with their followers offerings in today's World. The same event occurs in your own soul, known as the Holy Spirit. Live your life spiritually, so your Holy Ghost or Spirit can go out a gain more knowledge for you. In ancient "Times" in North American Indian Tribes the leader of the tribe would be a Shaman. Today it's the guy with the gun, the Times" of innocence is long gone. The entire bases for a Shaman or Healer was, the idea that the invisible World had spirits or "Aliens" that intervene on behalf of the Shaman or Healer. The Bushmen Healers where Hybrids, half "Alien", half human. They would use drugs and trances to enter the Spirit World. The Hippie movement brought this thinking back to life. (Birth of the Aquarian Age?) Before modern medicines self healing was used by all mankind. Today's medicine are like your bug exterminator, he doesn't want to kill all of them (cure). Needs some alive to keep you coming back. Just as the Military ( Afghanistan, Iraq) and the Medical practices do. Neither wanting to bring an end to the problem, that has nothing in for them. Some day the World might wake up and learn this little fact. You only need you and a few friends, groups turn into Armies. The only thing that going to wake up the World, is a major event coming from the Sky. The Planet needs a lot of self healing about now, maybe wiping out mankind will do the trick? It comes down to the people of the Planet to help them self's. Only leaving the material World will accomplish this. Mankind can't have it both ways, wealth and spirituality. America's cancers are caused by the Waring mentality of the leaders and citizens. The Bushmen Healers or Shamans called this "Star Sickness". The "Aliens" would punish the citizens of the nation for not acting Spiritual toward the cycle of the Universe. That's why the "Aliens" are trying to warn mankind, it can save it's self from these adversities. Seems the farther you go back in history the more profound the thinking is. Like the Hopi dances that have been done the same for thousands of years, an event you will never forget. In the end, it's just an "Indian Thing", and in the end the Indians had a "Aliens" thing. And here you set, living with an entity you don't accept, that's constantly saving your collective butts. Do you even say thank you for all the help? To busy pushing your grubby little hands towards your grubby face and penis. Mighty fine job mankind has done in advancing himself, wouldn't you say? No wonder the "Gods" put Van Alan radiation belt around the Planet. Look at Bush and Cheney's faces, I rest my case. Like a Shaman, I thought my prayers could help America. Others say I worry to much, but like the Shamans, who's job it is to worry about those around them, I've got the same problem. Like the ancient Shaman, I've ventured out side of this realm, now I'm worried for mankind. Worry that when I wake up, I'll find more bad news created by the government, and used against it's own citizens. A country imprisoned by it's own leaders with their own tax dollars. Worried not me, bull shit, I live in America and I'm counting on the "Aliens" to save my ass, just as the Shamans of old. bye

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