Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Billy Meier the One Armed Bandit"

Been listening to the Billy Meier collection of tapes on You Tube. Here's a man with too much "Time" on his hands, "Idol hands are the Devils work shop". The amazing part their is some intelligence to some of the things her has to say. He's dead on when it comes to the Christians, then says he's been to the edge of the Universe. The idea why the Van Alan radiation is in place also fits. Telling the story how Christianity had stolen mankind's ability to think for himself, is dead on. It truly has stunted mankind's spiritual development, created a Dogma for mankind. Mankind doesn't even see what it has done to them. The stories are so elaborate, but he has a gun in his pocket. Remind me of Cowboy Poets who had "Time" on their hands, riding fences. A real cowboy has an opinion on everything, to much "Time" on their hands. He even changed his name to Billy, after Billy the Kid of the American West. Who put the good ideas in Billy's head, was he being used by others? He sure has got his share of press over the years. The spiritual things he talks about don't correlate with some of the absurd things he has to say. Even in my own blogs, I can tell when others are using my hands. I'm just not the smart, I have to read what I've written, the knowledge started giving me the Hives. I didn't want to believe what I had written, scary stuff and just just gets scarier. It's like I'm learning things as I write. Is this what happened to Billy Meier? He thinks he has the perfect scam going, but? I'm convince all the great Beatle songs where, some kind of intervention from above. They went from cheep rock and roll songs, to songs of enlightenment. Those Cats just weren't that smart, someone else gave them those lyrics. I think I'll start writing with a Tin Foil hat on and see what happens, what the hell, same cat built and Orgon Generator. An attempt at humor while out side they are laying down Chem-Trails in front of a front moving in. People in the mid-west, it's coming to you. Whats truly more absurd, the trails or Billy Meier? Who was planting those good thoughts in Billy's head, the "Aliens" who have always been here? Does Billy think he has a lot of people fooled, while all the "Time" he is being manipulated by the "Aliens"? How much control does any body have over all their thoughts. Why are their mental hospitals, all these psychologists. Why is the TV full adds for pills to alter your state of mind? All kinds of pills to help people sleep. Is the story about weak personalities minds being controlled by those above true. Look what Christianity has done to minds of millions of personality. Ripped their spiritual growth rite from them. Look what Bush and his gang did, you had to be weak minded to buy into any of the crap. If you believe America needs a strong military, you are already a weak personality. You can be easily manipulated by others words. You have already decided you are to ignorant to make any of your own decisions. If you are carnivore and a Christians, you are easily manipulated, you can't have both ways. (Genesis 29 30) If you believe a terrorist can get to you, you are easily manipulated. In the end everybody has an agenda, to try and control your mind. Only defence for this is, keep learning, search out your own identity. Here is another one Billy had rite, you are you, not what your TV, or religion says you are. The government has so much control the American citizens minds, every American, owes the rest of the World $500,000 each. Each child that was born today, is already in dept. The governmment has stolen all you money and that of generations in the future. The government has convenced America citizens they have the rite to do this. While all this going on, America''s citizens, finance two wars. Brain washed Americans, I'd guess. Miners fucking over the other miners, living in America, scary. bye

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