Friday, May 23, 2008

"Me and the Boy's"

Me and the Boy's that lead me around, are a Circus, a mighty fine Circus. For some reason I've always called the "Aliens" the Boys. When I would go to buy books from the local physical and book store, the physics always wanted to talk, now they all seem scared of me. One once asked me what I called the "Aliens", my reply was the Boys. She asked why the Boys, I said don't know, just fits. Lately in my live as other seem to be dying all around me from cancers, the Boys have made repairs to me. Been trying to talk about this but can't seem to find the rite words. Wanted to talk to my daughter about it, know I can't. The Christians are stuck in their Dogma Religion, "see no evil, hear no evil". Thought I'd look up the origins of that phrase, found Job 27:4, Mathew 13:13 and Isaiah 54:16 on a site called Seems everyone had their own version of this story. Back to one original thought pattern, all mankind had one central beginning. (Hopi?) All stories are the same, just different words. Everyone wants to believe in a "God", just to many versions. Back to go, is their a healer, is this where all the stories of help from above came from? Think of all the "Times" in your life, you should have been killed or seriously injured. Is that just mere coincidence? Divine intervention on behalf of someone else? Prayer won't get you their, only actions will get you their. A kind of abandonment of all current thinking, all Dogma's, cults or religious groups. When asked to abandon your current live and trust others above to care for you. This is what the Bible and other stories are trying to say. The religions have turned this story into their own benefit. You can't get their with out them, the group. Just the opposite, you can't get their with them. It's a one on one trip, simply put, it's all in your head already, heal thy self. Separate your soul from the propaganda all round you. Letting go, means letting go of the material World for a better healthier life. You would trade all your gold for good health. Try giving up on the gold, start thinking of your spiritual growth. Is it going to take Nibiru to awaken your spiritual side? Setting around and not growing spiritually, hoping your government has your back. Put your faith in the Boys, you could say. "God" just ain't got "Time" to help you, but "He" might have helpers just like Dear Old Santa Claus. Maybe "He" left helpers behind to take care of the spiritual ones. And like all cults, religions or others, "He" will return for the good people of the Earth. In the mean "Time", you'll just have to trust the Boys. The Boys know there is no one on Earth with any cult, religion or other order, that can help. If "God" created mankind after himself, how could their be anyone walking around on Earth to give you answers. Everyone has a piece of Divine in them, most waste it on the material World. All most all Americans are lost in this way, taking and never giving. They are a just a refection of their leaders. As a Christian friend once said to me, kill them (Arabs) all so we can have cheap gas. You don't think the Oil countries ("Aliens") have this though in their minds? Try telling the Christians to, just trust in the Boys. Now even the Pope's astronomer has come out and said, "God" created "Aliens" also. The Catholic priest have always know this to be a fact, it's all over their Bible, and all the other books they could have used for the Bible. They created the Bible, and hid the "Alien" parts. But with all the UFO siting around the World and bunches in South America, this little fact couldn't be keep quiet. The Catholic need the poor and uneducated peoples of these area for growth and money. Like the Mormons they will change the story to fit the "Times". Now their all going to have to start sharing top billing with the Boys. And soon when people start coming to their collective senses, a new birth will start. Mankind like the animals tend to learn things in groups. Today the Catholics, tomorrow all the other modern day religions will have to come out. The Eastern religions already have a place for the "Aliens". Western religions go with the old bull shit, 'your with us, or against us. Only the Christians, Jews and Muslim don't recognize other entities or thoughts. That why their all at war in the Middle East. You aren't seeing, I'm killing you for Buddha. See just how ignorant all three religions are, endless blood shed, for what. Yep the World is just going to have to put a little trust in the Boys to take care of these problems. Mankind isn't capable of fixing the Planets environmental woes, only the Boys with all their knowledge. Mankind is mud in comparison to those above. When mankind understands this, only then will mankind move on. As long as mankind thinks he's the top of the pecking order, he is doomed. Comes down to being Humble, seen any of those lately, a Humble man or women? You'll never see one in America, the TV has taken care of that. Yep, it's staring to be "Time' for the Boys to get the recognition. "Time" for the Boys to start making the people of the earth a little more Humble. bye

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