Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Government with in Government"

Found this little gem of a story looking for something else. At a news conference Sarah McClendon asked Bill Clinton a question about UFOs, his response,' there's a government with in the government', and I have no control over them. Once again here is an example of what I've been trying to say, where is the Pea? (You Tube, Aztec Volume 1 UFOHypotheses) Your presidential candidates are groomed along the way for the American political consumer. John Kerry and Bush where members of the skull and cross bones society. Saw a video of a kid being removed from a Kerry gathering when he stood up and asked about Kerry's affiliation with the group. America this is what you got, ignorant Cultist running the government. In this day and age, fucking Cultist. Secret societies thinking they all have the rite answers when no one in hell has a fucking clue here on Earth. No difference from them than the Muslim and the Christians. They all act like they have some knowledge direct from "God" Almighty. Didn't "God" put up the Van Allen radiation belt to keep mankind from joining him in the Universe? Now you claim you have some secret answers to the Universe. The candidate are simply groomed from the same people as they are. They just think they are special, but in reality, just another pawn that can be bought and sold at will. Grubby little thieves, with out souls. Look at all the presidential candidate over the years, ugly men needing to be noticed at any cost to their future spiritual development. Bush, Kerry and most other candidate are as ugly as Hilliary, down rite ugly. That's why they need all the attention and can be bought easy. Gladly do others low lives bidding, send your children off to die in a foreign land, for the super wealthy. Just so they get a piece of the pie, and "Time" on the Tube, ah would you look at me. An the World and the Universe look down on the soulless Americans with their grubby little fingers in everyone else business. Seems most president have had an interest in the UFO phenomena, but they were keep in the dark when it came to the "Aliens". That other part of the government that has always been their, no mater who the president is. Realized last night while thinking about a ancient Hopi prophecy that goes like this. I've heard two versions, one with Cap and one with Cape. "In the End Time, He will come with a Red Cape, and He will bring Many". There's your Nibiru, Planet X, Destroyer, Turtle and so on. The 'Many' would be the Meteorites that travel with it. Damn, so clear, but where out their are you? Again looking for something else found this along the way, they have a way of finding me. (Divine Intervention?) Isaiah 54:16, "And it is I who have created the Destroyer to work Havoc." I just just looking for the answer to, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." Listening to some Kids on the radio talking about when a Tornado hit their small Kansas town. How certain things were unharmed, when all else around it was destroyed? Why certain families where hit by the tornado and others not. Started believing that certain homes where hit an others not, because of some kind of Karma. This seems to be a universal thought in mankind, a kind of pay back from the "Gods" or a reminder who's really in control of who. (Santa Claus's helpers) The government thinks it has control over you, but the environment has the real control over your life or death. "What" steps into a storm and decides who dies and who is spared? Are the spared ones the good ones, or where the dead one just complete with their journey on Earth? Was that about all the further they needed to go on this side, or given up on? All this going on around you, and men in government belonging to Cults. Every damn one has a "Alien" part to it. Now everyone but the U.S. government is admitting this hidden fact. Cop See's a skull and cross bones on your truck, he will be wanting to pull you over. But you got a president who's a Cultist, (Small Penis) big little man. Technically can you be both, a Christian and Cultist? That's your president America, that's democracy. Isn't that an oxymoron, this is such a weird country, America. It must be getting harder and harder to be a proud American. To the rest of the Universe you seem very primitive, lower than the animal forms you live with. You kill simple for the killing. Yep if I was "God", I'd be keep an eye on your ignorant asses. Hard to say that "God" could be proud of this group of human beings? If you where "God" what would you think of the human state? If these where your children, would you be proud of them? In the end, you don't really have much control of much. Those above you can take you out at any moment. Bet you the the lone Kennedy brother is thinking about that now? All the sex, corruption, immoral things he has done in his life. That's all he's got to think about now. I'm betting he'll need plenty of mood altering drugs. In the end, it's one on one, and big old shot of reality. Oh my "God", what have I done, damn. Do Bush and others like him, think they will escape this reality, dumb fucks. You had all that power for a fleeting moment, in the reality of things. Now to find out what you traded for it. That thought probably never crossed his mind, until that split second his live changed to the soon to die. Like those kids in that Kansas Tornado, who lives, who dies? Who's got "Time" for governments with in government in these "Times". bye

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