Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Moses and the Hopi"

Lately I've been learning a lot about the Bible as it keep coming in contact with my other searches over the years. This 'meaning of life' thing for me is taking a lot of energy and "Time". I was listening to the story of Moses, first of all I didn't know he was Jewish and two the Hopi have the same migration story. An entity over head leading both groups and taking many years, it took the Jews 40 years. The Hopi tale say that the Hopi would stop for awhile and have a generation of children before moving on. The Hopi, tale talks of how the "Gods" protected them from other enemies, just as they did for Moses and his followers. like the Hopi, moses looked to the sky for answers, and answers where given. To Moses and his followers, it was The Pharaoh, to the Hopi it was an entity in the sky. Here again it show how all the Worlds citizens are so closely linked. Either they all had the same starting point, or the "Gods" went to all four corners of the Earth to teach the same story. Like the untouched photo that remains on the only wall still standing, after a Tornado rips the rest of the house apart. Out side intervention, a, here "We" are kind of thing. More and more it seems all stories of creation are all the same. Only separated by words definition and color of skin. The only thing that separates mankind today, are the governments of the World. The only way for mankind to make the next step in his evolution, is the removal of central governments. Mankind has to stop the killing of all the animals including them self's. It seems the "Gods" give mankind a chance to save himself each "Time" they return. They send messages out to warm the citizens of the World of impending doom. Look how elaborate the Crop Circles are getting, the numerous UFO sighting happening now. The events in Arizona and Texas. All these things to try an awaken mankind's inter DNA to a new life. The wiring is already their, just needs someone to flip the switch in mankind's brain. I believe that is starting to happen slowly. The Catholics coming out about the UFOs is a big step. Physician or mankind, heal thy self, the "Aliens" can't do it for you. Like story of taking the horse to water goes, you can't make him drink. And you can't force mankind to become spiritual. The horse will die with out water and mankind will die with out spirituality. What else is the point of mankind even existing? Do you think mankind was created to just consume for the entertainment of the rest of the Universe? Did "God" created you, to watch you jack off? Most Americans think that is the answer. That's the life style or path mankind has taken it appears. The first Hopi choose the difficult path, to insure a good after life. The Navajo took the easy path, their the drunks in the alley. The Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Hale Fire and Brimstone, sure has a Nibiru tone to it. Mankind had reach a level of decadence about the "Time" of the re-arrival of Nibiru. If mankind would have advanced to a spiritual state would their have been no harm from Nibiru's meteorites, "He'll bring many"? If Sodom and Gomorrah were in a state of spiritual growth, would of they been saved from Nibiru's metorors? Is this why the warnings from the "Aliens", that mankind still has a chance to save himself? It appears that is the history of mankind's journeys on Planet Earth. Constant failure, while a few survive the, passage through life on Earth. "Aliens" warning mankind to wake up and see they are not alone, while your government covers up the truth. They need you to be as ignorant as they are, to be able to control you. All mankind was cut from the same cloth, a product of the Creator. But your government has convinced mankind he is above "God', they have the rite to decide who lives and who dies. This all sound like it's rite out of the Bible, when you talk of America today and compare it to the stories from the Bible an other ancient writings. Sages knew their would be a type of America in the future, a big dog to say. Here is a good example, Bush by vetoing money for his own war effort, because it would give veterans a guaranteed money for a college education. His reasoning was, they won't re-enlist if they have money for college. This is how soulless and out of touch with reality Bush has become. Sounds like some thing Hitler would have said near the end of his reign. The "Gods" or someone has turn what little brains he had to mush. The "Aliens" should just kill off all the short bastards in government. They all suffer from the same disease anyway, a short mans complex. Ventura's, Chicken Hawks line, seems to fit them all. Sure wish someone from above could help mankind make his next step up the later of spiritual growth. It appears mankind cannot make this leap, a leap of faith you could say. A leap from the material World to the spiritual World. Will this be humanities last chance for survival, a so whats the point of having mankind thing. bye

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