Monday, May 26, 2008

"Memorial Day 2008, Bring the Troups Home"

The government can't miss a day like to day to use the deaths of many Americans an turn it into pure propaganda. Showing America's fuck up president putting flowers on the unknown soldiers grave. The Chicken Hawk will take credit for anything. Little big man standing straight for the photographers, I'm a proud American, worm. Why can't the Americans see what is happening to them? Let all Americas be proud of the fact that America's government is Murdering the citizens of America and people around the World on a daily bases. Reminding the citizens that they are hero's for doing their killing and dying for them. And the Americas are standing proud, like the good clones they are. Soulless Bush, so ignorant he believes in what he's doing is correct. Fucking draft dodger from the Vietnam era, is now the president, only in America. The propaganda machine grinding out the bull shit, and the ignorant Americas (Heathens) buying into all of it. I hope Bush and all those above and below who do the wealthiest bidding, and keep America at war. Will have to face every man, woman and Child they where responsible for killing, face to face, when they die. To suffer the pain they have inflected on the innocent and uneducated. Seems all the holidays and what ever event their is any more has a military sound to it. Next year Santa Claus will be wearing red camouflage. The propaganda machine even got everyone dressed in camouflage now days. See how easily the American clone is lead around. Want your children growing up thinking that America at war is just the norm. Installing that mind set at a young age. (brain washing) Almost all the video game are all about killing, just keep pound it into the children's minds. Not sure how much effect this is having on American kids. They sure as hell aren't lining up at the military recruiters offices. That's why the ones already in the military are not getting out, their slaves. Taking the criminals and unhealthy youth of America, because they have no other place to go. Then send them off to do their soulless killing for them. You know, this is not what, humanity means. Humanity is to love and help your brother, help the environment. This folks is old fashion Paganism, Jesus, Ali, and the Cats waiting for their guy. Can't anyone see what has happened to humanity, just a packs of mad Dogs, everyone ruthless. Come on America, lets go to an Air Show, Blue Angels, Thunder Birds, it will only cost you about 10 million of your own money in taxes, so much for free Air Show, clones under control. All most laughable, all most, but mainly scary to watch. Listening to NPR radio today a little, they where talking about Semper Fidelis, always faithful, and handing of the dead Marines. Brought tears to my eyes and memories from my Navy days in the sixties. I can still picture that scene in one of our C-118, filled with half alive Marines and half dead Marines, fuck they where all dead. The souls had been ripped from them and I could see it in the livings eyes. Sent off to kill someone they didn't even know about or really care to know about. Sent off at a young age, to young to know rite from wrong, ripped their collective souls rite from them. They where children rite out of High School, the naive and innocent. They didn't have a chance, the propaganda machine had them, soulless bastards. The same story that is being told all over again here in the year of 2008. An airplane full of dead Marines, dying for big oil, Pepsi and McDonalds. The Marines do travel with their dead and talk to them. This young Marine was telling how they talk to the fallen, things like, will take care of you now, you have no need to worry. The Army will send your ass home in the belly of a cargo plane, alone. You know guys like the Patrias guy from the Army, another 'little big man' like Bush. Forty years ago, I'd never have thought that America would be back at the same old cross road. But that is what has happened, same old bull shit, new audience. Happy Memorial Day 2008, just wonder how much it cost the American citizens? One thing America has become is waddler. The women seem to been poisoned the worst. Alway's far more Obese women than men. Take all the nutrientes out of the food, and the people are always hungry. Their you obesity and you medical problems follow by a short life expectancy. It's is hard to believe the average American citizen cannot figure this out. Americans are always eating, but never healthy, a simple brain washing has done the trick. Have been told their just to busy to be making their own meals. And if they do have "Time" the meal is based on a serving of meat. And in that meat is where the poison is hidden. In the fatty tissues of the animal meat you have eaten. (Cattle feed) It already didn't have any nutrients in it you could use or extract from the meat. Put the poison in the meat that take a week to digest, giving it plenty of "Time" to be absorbed into your intestines. Everybody a winner but you, your just the clone being lead around. You never read or think, you just consume. Remember you have no "Time" to read or think. You got a military you need to support, keep your dumb ass away from them terrorist guys. The cats that only need a few lessons to be able to fly an airliner into your home, with your kids on the plane. "God" bless America, but these cats (big government) have got to go. bye

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