Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"A Good Day, to Play Two"

An electrical contractor called and asked if I'd do a bid for him on City of Mesa's Amphitheater. The city wants to bring it up to modern day codes with more energy efficient lighting, and emergency lighting. Old saying in construction, you never bid a job with out looking at it first. It was a rainy day in the low eighties, which is odd for Arizona in late May. Headed over to inspect the lob site just hoping I could get into it, to look over the facilities. Pull up in a light drizzle, their are three eighteen wheelers unloading. I'd walked into the band Mega Death roadies setting up the stage. How cool, how ironic, with what I've been writing about, and now the band Mega Death. Nibiru and Mega Death go hand in hand, the Apocalypse. Theses cats are my age, playing in the location 55 years ago, I'd watch Ernie Banks play spring training. The whole thing kind of overwhelmed me, the cycle of life. The perfect example of, 'everything, means everything. All perfectly arranged by those above, "God" bless them. The rain, the band, the location, all to perfect. Went over a few days later to show a old friend so he could bid the concrete work for light pole bases. See said 2 O:Clock would be a good "Time" for him. We meet and while we were walking around the grass seating area, my friend noticed Bush and Air Force 1 flying by, headed to Sky Harbor Airport. For some reason every "Time" the boy flies into town, I'm some how in a position to see the Air Force One flying over head. Here is how a sleep at the wheel America is. Bush flies in on the tax payers Air Force One, then goes out to a fund raiser for the Arizona wealthy, to be able to give McCain campaign money. Wouldn't it have been cheaper on the American tax payer to just send McCain Ten Million dollars? Their was Air Force One and two other support aircraft that flew in with it. How much money did all that cost, no wonder the government thinks they have total control over the citizens of America. Blatant use of tax dollars to help out a Bush clone, this country is scary. Theses Cats from Washington never tire of stealing the citizens of America money. Like always, oh well, observing life in America, sending letters home. Maybe one of my son's was rite. Called one night and said, dad I've finally figured out where your from, the "Sun". Didn't even know about Nibiru then, from the mouths of babes. This all happened years ago, now that thought calms me. That's the difference between me and everybody else. I'm betting on the sky, their betting on the government, like my odds, a whole lot better. When things go bad in your life, where do you look. Do you look to the Sky for help, or do you look the the ground for help. Mankind is always looking at the ground, (Material World) instead of to the Sky. The sky will save you, they'll bury you in the ground. Back to your beloved Material World, instead of the safety of the Sky. Simple choice, up or down, it's your chosen path. Heard the ancient saying, don't know where it's from,' the "Gods" will return and shake the bad people off the Earth'. Everybody got someone coming back to kill off the Bush, Chaney types of being, lower forms of humanity in simple terms. Only the lowest form of mankind thrives on power over others. Everyone will have their moment I guess, a moment of pleasure or terror in the end. A good day to play two. PS All the young roadies for some reason wanted to talk to my dumb old ass, must be the blond hair and look in my eyes.

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