Saturday, May 31, 2008


No one seems to recognize the "Thing", the "Thing" of your being. From Mud Man to present day mankind, the evolution of mankind is at work. What will be the next evolution of mankind, the removal of mankind all together? This human being "Thing", just didn't work out after many tries. Look at mankind today and what it represents, lust and greed. Look at Bush, Chaney, Hillary and all those other political whores. All believing they have some sort of superior knowledge. Never trust someone who's ass is wider than their shoulders, Chaney, Hillary. Mankind is from the earth, knowledge is from the Sky, mankind was a plant from the Sky. So all mankind would have to be equal. What separates mankind from one another is the amount of cruelty in them. Some Earthling believing they have greater knowledge than others, just proves my point. All made from the stirring of the stick in the Mud, add a little here, and a little their. Now has "Time" come to remove the cruelty in mankind? Look at the cruelty of Bush, Chaney and the military generals. The cruelty of those who direct them around like pawns, people willing to do anything for some glitter in their pockets. This is mankind today, seems not to be a caring one amongst them all. Locally here you can watch 3TV Tara Hitchcock eating, slumped over her food shoveling the food down, like watching the pigs eat on a farm. With her mouth full saying how proud the troops in Iraq where to be killing women and children. (fucking moron, and the people who hire these types) Where exactly is the evolution happening. Does Bush and Chaney seem to be a very advance type of human being, fuck no. Look what the government did on 911 and Oklahoma City. Killing the citizens of America, even children (Oklahoma City) to stay in power. This is the reality of mankind, the leaders are only a reflection of the people or Heathens they represent. The Bush's thinking their from some superior blood line from the past, believing in Cults. Just doesn't get any lower than this. George and Jeb look to me like a couple of hicks, ignorant, lacking of any real mental capacities, other than greed. (Annunaki bred miners) The "Gods" gave the Monkey a thumb and he started jacking off. The "Gods" gave mankind a little knowledge and all they wanted to do with it was fuck another human over with it. This is why I feel the end of the experiment is coming to an end. All the UFOs flying around and entities dropped in, to see for themselves and others above, that the experiment has failed. What would you think of the state of current mankind if you where from above? Are you embarrassed by your fellow mankind? A few have survived this experiment, but they are keep in the dark by those that haven't grown spiritually (Cats with the guns). The good ones will survive the experiment, the rest have failed. Is it roads end for those who have failed to advance into a spiritual realm? Would "God" want a Bush or Chaney type in their heaven? The "Gods" took the strings off the Puppet and Puppet fell to the ground. (Sometimes the puppet falls when it tries to walk on it's own). Those who learn to walk spiritually are the only survivors. Those that know inside them self's rite from wrong, with out, out side intervention. (the "Gods") This is the true evolution of mankind, not how he moves around on Earth. Trying to learn how to tread lightly on the Earth. Not being a carnivore, in a material World. I don't think mankind can ever advance to this level. Mankind has never reach this level before. That's why mankind is in their fourth or fifth World. If mankind could reach this level their would be no reason to come from above and destroy mankind. But that seems to be the continuing pattern of mankind. Now look around your self and see where mankind is today, same bull shit. You can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the nigger. Just like that, is where mankind stands today. (Skies full of trails today, evolution hey?) Do Bush, Chaney, McCain, Hillary look like advance humans to you? Does the Jew on TV seem to look like an advance human to you? Do the military generals look like advance humans to you? None of the above, but they are the ones running the country now, for others far weather. All totally blind to the real reality of life on Earth. Thinking money is the common denominator for all mankind. Thinking they can fool the "Gods" by hiding under ground from them, morons. They should try reading about the past in order to find the future, instead of constantly jacking off, in one form or another. (material lust) One of their own woke up and turned on them. Ex-press secretary Scott McClellan must of found religion or all of a sudden got a conscience. He came out and said the obvious about the Iraq war and all the lies. Said how the press was part of the lies. How the big advertisers put pressure on the networks to promote the lies. Now the networks are trying to save themselves and Bush. They all go hand and in hand in America. Their is no freedom of anything in America. America is built on deceiving the general public and forming their opinions for them. From lowly Tara Hitchcock in Arizona to Matt Lauer on the national news, it's all about control. The paid for personalities to sell the lies and thievery. McClellan knew he was telling lies from day one, how could he not? This will maybe start the awaking of the American citizen. "Time" for the America citizen to retrieve their collective souls. Listen to the cunt on NBC in the morning interviewing McClellan the day after the book came out. The cunts on the national news will attack like no other man would do. Her and Katie Couric on CBS are soulless and clueless of anything. Like how they describe some women in the Kolbrin Bible, rocks rolling around in their heads. What little they have, they fucked someone to get it. Everything McClellan had to say was true, but like a UFO witness he was attacked with a bitter tone of resentment. Like how dare you blow all are covers by telling the truth. Don't you know, we know nothing of the truth in the networks. Like I've said before, when do you start trusting anything the networks or the government tells you? All simple minded people, taking money to tell lies, just like Scott McClellan did for Bush. When death comes to all the whores from government and media propaganda, will death be very painful? Will the lies they inflected on others come back to haunt them as they die? Will the material thing they had, save their ignorant greedy asses? Hard to find some of that evolution stuff down here on earth, because, damn I've been looking a long ass "Time". bye

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