Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Letting Others Hold You Back"

Are your thoughts and opinions control by other around you? Do you fear not being just like those around you, that are controlled by public media. When the idea of UFOs comes up on TV, the reporters always seem to be snickering at the mere thought. That's because they have long ago sold their souls for a paycheck. The media members are but mere clones, willing to be told what to think. These are more of the lowest of the lowest, a clone. Spineless and mindless followers of the government propaganda machine. These are the ones the propaganda machine depends on to perpetuate the lies by the government. When all the oddities started happening to me a dozen years ago or so, I had to decide my path. I visited some folks to disclose my new found knowledge. Bought Dr. Macks book "Abduction", and jumped in to see who else these thing had started happening to. Most people couldn't handle the sudden changes in their lives, and simple when into hiding. All way fearing public opinion would single them out. I decided to take what I called the high road. The high roads was not to go into a shell and pretend nothing had happen in my life. I have greatly paid the price, even from my own family. They have been eaten up by the propaganda from the government controlled media. First it was the Stone, then the mark or "C" that showed up on my back. Waking up with bloody under wear, when I don't wear under wear to bed. All the new UFO sightings, all way with someone else around so I couldn't denied their presences. The main reason I do a Blog is to keep from falling into a trap of self denial about what has happened in my life. Writing I have found can be very therapeutic mentally. Keeps you grounded in the true reality. Gives you a forum where you can share your thoughts and event. Knowing they are true and I can't be swayed by others opinions. Finally my faith in those above who have presented me with these obstacles, or lessons in my life, has paid off. Mankind has their medical doctors, I have mine from above. The high road, just like is told in all faiths is built on faith and trust of what you have seen or felt in your life is the true reality. Not what someone else has read in a book some where, and now believes this idea is golden. Just as I had done during the Vietnam era, when I went against the masses. (people for the war) Their again I was greatly ridicule for my beliefs. "Time" proved me correct, just as now with the Iraq war. Every thing I said would happen before the invasion of Iraq, has now happened. It's only fitting the UFO thing will prove me correct again. People now call me the "Alien", even my banker, with respect. Walked into the bank a couple of weeks ago and my banker said hows your health? Seemed odd, but the moment he said it, he caught himself and said, "that's rite, your an "Alien". Just as in the Christians Bible, my faith in the above has come into my life. All this with never spending a moment in a organized belief systems. Faith only in the above, knowing true knowledge comes from above only. People of the Earth are the creation of something much mightier from above. The only knowledge mankind has is very limited. No matter how many plants the government puts out their claiming how intelligent the government is. In the end they don't even control the air space over the citizens of America. They are even terrible at cover ups, 911, Iraq, Phoenix lights, Stephenville and many others. I was told of the UFOs when I was five or six years old. (1952 or 53) That knowledge has all ways stuck in the back of my mind, when ever anyone tries to put something from the Earth into my head. That faith in divine intervention has now come true. Hands from above can reach into your life here on Earth. The government doesn't want you to have this knowledge. They can only control you with fear they have created, thus holding up your personal spiritual growth. Many men have tried to control my life on Earth, their all dead now. That faith in the above keeps me safe, just as it helped the ancient Hopi. My faith in the above has been proven correct many "Times" over. Your only true protection is from above, not from the words of some government. It's all rite in your head, waiting for you to find it with in. Getting away from the propaganda and indulge in your own thoughts. Like snow flakes, all individuals are unique, an no one answer that fits all thoughts. Can you imagine how many UFO sightings their would be if people spent their nights on the patio. Instead of gazing mindlessly into the TV screen, waiting for some great knowledge to emerge from it. The only thing coming from it is propaganda. What little TV I watch is mostly with the sound off. With the sound on, almost every word has some propaganda link to it. Now their trying to convince the Americans their are a waring society only. Here only to die for the interest of big business and government. Just like McClellan new book states about the pressures put on the networks from the large advertisers, to spin the Iraq invasion. In the end, all those whores will get theirs, it says so rite their in their own good book, the Bible. Except for Bush, he apparently some how has a higher authority he talks too. See how totally absurd big government is, white trash with a little bit money. Your government and your church have only one goal in mind. To keep you in fear of those around you, and "God" above you and their the ones should should be able to trust. Letting others hold you back, my be the death of mankind. Just as the "Aliens" are trying to warn mankind, they are being held back by those around them. A new age of mankind is approaching, with or with out you. bye

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