Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Another Year in the Life"

Another years here on Earth, and what have I learned? 6-4-47 was the date I was given to use as a birth date. To numerologist this add up to 21, does that have a certain meaning? Why did the year 1947 have to be the date UFO became reality, it adds up to 21. The "Aliens" have always been around, but why pick 1947 to get noticed. Don't believe anything with the "Aliens" is a coincidence. Firmly believe everything means everything in life. I could sit around and think about numbers and gem stones all day, but on ward and upward. Found a couple of good sites chasing around the Mayan Hunbatz men, or day keepers., www,, . To the Hunbatz men, winter Solstice day 2012 is the day the DNA gets repaired. The repairs will come from the Sun. See how this all fits neatly together, from all ancient belief systems. Are the only ones to get the new DNA, being prepared already for the new Age of mankind? Are the ones having the UFO sighting, being slowly prepared for this change. You could say, flipping the switch, the wires and the bulb are already neatly in place. Anyone who has ever had a true UFO sighting is always change for life. It will be, from that moment on, because you have to make this reality fit with that reality. You now have a completely different reality. Have listen to many people who have had UFO sighting say the same thing, all has changed. (Stuff you didn't want to know, or see as one person from Stephenville said.) The one common factor behind all belief system, a change is immanent. The Age of the soldier, politician, preacher, priest, governments will all crumble. This little fact cannot be ignored, it's in all kinds of different ancient writings and stories. The bad are shaken off the Earth, as all religions have predicted. He will come bearing the colors of the Sun, red and yellow. (Nibiru, Turtle, Wormwood) Many have red as sunset or the end, with yellow meaning harvest. Death to most, a "Time" of harvest for others, the biblical Rapture. Just as in a field of vegetables, the bad vegetable are left in the field to rot. You want the seeds from the good plant, not the ones from the bad ones. You sure as hell wouldn't want any Bush DNA in your future crops. Probably why Bush has no sons, the "Gods" are way ahead of the game, miner George W. Bush. It would be, you dumb fuck, you brought back G. W. Bush's DNA. Neat fact found researching the Hunbatz men about the term,"dog days of summer". It's term comes from the Star "Sirius", who's nick name is Dog Star. At mid summer, Sirius rises at dawn, you have to research the past to find the future, no getting around the fact. You only have propaganda crap now days. The Catholics tried to destroy the Popul Vuh, but someone from above interviened, is a good example of this. The Christians remove all the Hopi children from the elders, when they arrived. What have I learn in one year, my fears that 911 was done by the government was proven. Speaking of that, here in Arizona a person is fasting in front of McCain's office about wanting the truth about 911. McCain's spokesman said he didn't have the "Time" to meet with this person. He or she is representing some architects and engineers from here. How much longer can they hide that fact? The UFOs are killing the Christians story and America is starting to wake up to the realities of 911 and Iraq. Spent most of the year relearning thing from my youth I was to weak to hold on to. (peer pressure or children) Started writing or Blogging to help get the word out for the "Aliens". Learned tofu can be harmful to you, always tinkering with my diet. Discovered all kinds of goodies like, Nibiru, NWO, Chem-trails, how much bull shit is out their on the Internet. Spent thousands on my teeth, while resting from falling through a roof. From that I learned it's up to the "Gods" to heal me, this heal thy self problem I have. The "Aliens" have always been here, along with the Crop Circles. Learned all elections are just a game for the citizens to get caught up in, make them think their vote actually counts. (Florida) One of the saddest was, I can't trust Charlie Rose, or for that fact any of the media. Only person I can trust for the truth on morning news is 3 TV copter pilot Bruce. If their is a wreak on the freeway, I can count on that, the rest of the cats are full of shit. (saying what they are told, for gold) How really hard it is to find good stories in the morning paper, other than the propaganda bull shit line. How totally corrupt all of the people around Bush are. (where is Rumsfeld?) Reaffirmed you can't ask the "Gods" for money, I think it pisses them off. They only offer knowledge so money doesn't get in the way of your spiritual growth. With knowledge comes a good and correct diet that the "Gods" intended for the bodies of humans. With the proper diet, it will heal you. Learned to remove my self from this reality and start my next level of learning. Learned to put more of my faith in the above, while others try and keep me in this reality. (your getting weird) Learned why the kids seem to be getting dumber, fluoride in the water. Learned hands from above can work wonders here on Earth. Realized this is my true job, passing thing on. See what the "Gods" have in store for me this year, it's always, much more to learn Son. bye

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