Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Your Money is no Good"

Seven years of George W. Bush's, 'I've got a hunch', (Being told what to say at all "Times".) has destroyed the dollar. Gas prices out of control, which leads to food and all commodities going through the roof. The only good side effect is, I've noticed the air is much cleaner. Noticed the same effect the days after 911, when all the airlines where grounded. I've yet to hear an honest answer, why oil prices are sky rocketing. The national networks answers can't be trusted, their just part of the propaganda machine. Always thought the auto industry was walking hand in hand with Big Oil, but gas prices have left them holding the bag. (GM, Ford, Chrysler) Now the humble Japanese auto industry is in perfect position for the down fall of the big three American auto makers. America is being brought to it's knees by the very people they are killing in Afghanistan and Iraq, Muslims. Good example of good old fashion Karma. Bet you the ones who most supported the war, are being hurt the most. (Their are no old brash men) The Arab oil countries are surely loving watching the Ugly Americans economy crumble. They aren't tied to the American economy like they once where. With the emergence of China, India and a few other countries doing quite well now. The Arab oil countries still have great demand for their oil. Once their oil profits where tied to the dollar, but not any more with the strength of the Euro. When America was hurting it effected them, but those days are gone. America has no leverage with no one, other than to attack them. Those days are gone, because no one whats to join the military. America just can't go around nuking everyone that doesn't agree with them. One exception might be Iran, because the real people behind Bush are so soulless. The party is over America, your government has dug a big ass hole you can't escape. Just have to hope now the powers at be, don't attempt another inside job like 911, Oklahoma City and the Muslim Mosque in Iraq, that started all the in fighting among the Muslim sects. (divide and conquer) The powers that control the politicians, apparently have no fear of the after life, so no help from their. Hard to go to someone that is soulless and ask for mercy, when their "God" is power and money. (Jews, Christians, Muslims) No reasoning with these cats, their the lowest of the lowest. Finally the Clinton's have to say good bye and fade into oblivion. How long can the powers that controlled them let them walk around? These two know to much about 911 and all the rest. (know where all the skelitons are buried) The white trash from Arkansas short moment is over, "Time" will prove them just as bad as Bush and his thieves. The last person that tried to go straight forward and honest was killed. (JFK) Can't see McCain or Obama changing that course. Two more inside guys trying desperately to keep the big lie going. (Obama old bud was convicted and sent to federal prison) A way of sending a message to Obama to mind his steps. The system let this whore do his thing until Obama got some power. You know they wanted Hillary to go against McCain, a win, win situation to keep the big lie going. Obama surely knows he can end up like JFK. America always reverts back to the Cat with the gun, not democracy. Now that democracy is letting the Arab oil countries make you fall to your knees. It's all about control, and absolutely nothing to do with freedom and democracy. Look what happened just recently in Columbus Ohio to the Native American march. Native American Indians are having a march across America called, 'Native Americas longest walk'. Going from coast to coast to rally in Washington D.C. this summer. (4 of July) Everything was going fine until they reached the rust belt, northern red neck town of Columbus Ohio. Isn't that fitting, Columbus who started the onslaught of the Native Americans peoples. Just as they had already done passing through several towns along the way. Columbus police meet them with handcuffs and tazers. You can almost here the line from some old movie, "I was just passing through". Saddest part, all of Ohio belonged the the Native Americans for thousands of years. Nothing in the news papers or on the morning TV news. The fucking propaganda machine just keep the Americans in the dark. And now in Brazil the same tragedy is going on, that had already happened to the Native American several hundreds of years ago. Americans are, "one ruthless society", and now the Brazilians are following suit. All the laws that were made to protect the Native Americans on their march, where thrown out the door when they marched into Columbus Ohio. And the rest of America doesn't see the same exact thing happening to them. Try and gather a group of protester to march on the capital, wanting to know about the real truth behind 911, and see what happens to them. Fuck they have even threatened the people from Stephenville about talking about their UFO event on the news. I'm suprised it even got aired, just like the Native American encounter with the police. And now they will let the Arab oil nations punish you for actions brought on by the leaders of America. Yeah America, you just keep on a killing Muslims and see where the price of oil goes. Americans are no different than the Native Americans of the past and present day, controlled not on a reservations but by the dollar. I've given up trying to say hello out their, am I the only one noticing. Americans live in ignorant bliss and are damn proud of it, just ask them. Instead of the steak tonight, how about brown rice and vegetables, the oil companies have your steak money. Yep, you all just keep killing those Muslims. bye

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