Friday, June 6, 2008

"Killing Time, Before Time Kills Me"

Not quite sure how I found this site, (the Boys) 'BBS Radio Live Talk', but it beats the hell out of the Jewish networks (Murdoc) and all their propaganda. Lots of interviews and UFO news, a L.A. version of Art Bell, except 24/7, with 5 different channels to listen to.(music also) I was listening to this lady talk about the Mayan 2012 and how the DNA of mankind would be changed by Galactic events leading up to 2012. Didn't hear how she got her knowledge, but my came from many hours sitting with one light on and listening to my own thoughts. Listening to an interview on Coast to Coast broad cast on Y.T., about these giants that lived under Mount Shasta in northern California. How the tribe that knew of them where killed off by the U.S. government. They invited the tribal members to a feastt. The U.S. Army provided the food, they put poison in the food and killed most of the braves. You couldn't have these so called primitive Native Americans running around talking of this. They would of had to rewrite history, and Christianity had no place for this. Then I realized this is exactly what the U.S. government did to the Hopi people who had the Ant People as their Savior helpers. In South America you have this same thing happening today as they go further into the Amazon jungle. Their history will have the same stories about the "Aliens" as the Native American and Mayan tribes did. Brazil is a Catholic nation, just as America was a Christian nation when it started genocide on the Native Americans. Here now the Christian history repeats it's self, a few hundred years later. The Popul Vuh just gets more correct as "Time" goes on, "Here we are at Santa Cruz again". Mankind just seems to keep making the same mistakes, over and over again. Makes you wonder if the "Gods" are growing weary of this? Been thinking a lot lately about the tribes of the Amazon River after seeing pictures of a new tribe they had recently discovered. Here again the "Boys" leading me around and I find the great interview from Brazil. "Brazilian man claims encounter with the Pleiadians". (You Tube) He was talking in Portuguese with an interpreter about his encounter or event. Didn't know what he was saying, as the interpreter explained what he had to say. I was listening to the tone of his voice more than anything. He was my age an appeared to be humble, especially in his voice, a big key to believing him. The Pleiadians told him their would be many changes to the Earth soon. Not over a long period of "Time" but a short period of "Time". Water would be come scarce and farming hard. They told him he would survive, he asked how with all the destruction going on, on the Earth. They told him they would give him technology, not to worry. This is where it gets my attention, (so may of these kinds of stories) the Pleiadians stop talking to him and start only using sounds only to communicate with him. He said the first sound was the sound of small pebbles hitting on the ground or roof. I got woke up in the middle of the night with the same sound. At first I thought it was hail, but soon realized that was impossible. Like a little thought planted in my mind for a future thought in "Time". This "Time" it was to let me know the Brazilian might have something here. Simply put, the "Boys" planted a seed for the future growth of my spirit, must have some faith in me. I think of the incredible odds of that happening. (divine intervention) As the Pleiadians explained to him the events about to happen, it sounded like something I'd read from the Kolbrin bible, or a story about Nibiru. Here is your Biblical story of the meek will inherit the Earth, Pleiadian style. The whole story fit together to well. A humble man, being educated to a new thought or level, being chosen from many, just like the story of Noah. Not a new thought, but an ancient though, who's "Time" had come. To many of these stories coming out now. This whole movement getting steam, or a new awaking. Almost seems as if their is some underlying current going on. Maybe from the Sun, as the Mayans predicted. Glad to here more people carrying the torch of what is the real reality of things. Their is much more going on in the Universe than simple greed and lust. "Time" will tell. See where one of the Rockefellers of Virgina has come out about all the lies that lead up the invasion of Iraq. Damn all theses years I thought the Rockefellers owned America. I can't seem to get a fix on why that happened? (Rockefellers) Maybe one day the "Gods" will stick that answer in my head. Maybe the Rockefellers are getting a clue about the real reality and their place in it. Maybe they will turn on the war machine they help create, now that mankind is entering a new era. Things in the Universe are much larger than anything they can control. The Rockefellers can easily control the heathens, but the Universe is the Universe, and death is death. Like big governments and religions their "Time" has gone by. Events from the skies will change all this for the good of mankind, for those that survive. bye

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