Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Americans not Getting the Message"

Had to go over to Mesa (four letters you never want in your address) to see a friend about a friend. Took the 101 or the 202 to get their, at a gas saving 55 MPH. People where passing me like I was standing still, gas at $4.00 a gallon. It's kind like the old line here America, 'if your dumb enough to pay that much for it, where dumb enough to sell it to you for that much'. Myself I'm always looking for someone to draft on, at 55 it's hard to find someone. People piss and moan about the price of gas, then waste it. Which leads to my dilemma, the price of gas and being an electrician. Decided I can't do without my truck, with all the electrical parts and ladders, plus my rock hunting. Realized at this price for gas, it would be cheaper to use my truck to stock a job, they use a high mileage car to go back and fourth. Now what to buy, figure cheapest, new, (not somebody Else's problem, put my Karma in it) most mileage was the answer. My truck is a Chevy, but that's all Chevrolet builds well. To prove this, went down to the local Chevy dealership and looked at the Cobalt and some new smaller car they now build. Here is why the dollar is worthless, both where pieces of shit. The American way, money for nothing, how cheap and unreliable can I make it America. They say America started falling apart when the Big three auto makers got into trouble. Quite the opposite, there were building crap always and thought the rest of the World was as ignorant as the Americans. When they fell, it showed the weak under belly of the Americans thinking. Everybody getting fat off of nothing, cheap natural resources that are now running out. Not a moments thought to the future, just as the railroads. The American way, take, take until their is nothing to give back. Just as America does with her environment. (Just Vetoed another environmental Bill) Decided to live for the moment, never a thought for the future. This was the wake up call for America, their is now a World competing against you. Just as people running around today, wasting gas at high speeds. Don't seem to realize it's all about quality, not quantity. Still the big boastful American as always. (Bush dancing with Saudi gold around his neck) They let Toyota into NASCAR, and in the second year they are dominating. Now instead of buying an American low mileage car, it's a no brainer to buy one from someone who has been building high mileage cars since they started. The very same reason I drive a Chevy truck, they been building that same truck with a different skin for decades. Same basic small block, 265 cubic inches Chevy from my childhood. The Cobalts looked like a Vega with new skin, when I sat in it, it just seem to be the same Detroit crap. Just like the City of Detroit, GM, Ford and Chrysler didn't get the message years ago. The American people don't seem to be getting the message either, slow the fuck down. Where in the fuck are you running too. "Time" to learn your place in the World and the Universe. Start turning your live into a thing of quality, not a bunch of plastic shit you don't need. Tell the World you are tired of buying their shit. Make your own better and more environmentally safe. With the price of energy America should be able to compete with the World. All the energy to ship the raw materials from America, to another country, then ship the shit back. What's wrong with this picture. And America can't compete with the World with quality or quantity, why not. America is going to have to start producing quality products for the rest of the World. Not buying the quality from the East industrial nations. Will America ever wake up, or is the Propaganda Machine totally in control of it's thoughts. "God" bless the few ones of us that hold the World up to a higher standard. bye

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