Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Catholic Mass, Welcome Aliens Among Us"

Now that the Pope's Vatican astronomer has said their are "Aliens" roaming around, whats the church to do? Do the "Aliens" qualify to be Bishops, priests, or maybe even the Pope. How does the church intertwine the "Aliens"? Things don't seem to be what they appear to be, I guess you could say. Think about this for a moment. The Catholics who put together the Bible, who have the most Christian followers, opened their doors to the "Aliens". What next, Worms and Rods? These Cats have a lot of catching up to do with a hand full of Souls that are far ahead of them. Catholic pin their Star to the church and they go down burning with it. Defend it rite or wrong, to their death. Just another notch in the belt of the "Aliens" as they slowly undo modern day religions. Didn't do much more than make their presence a little more noticeable. Didn't have to blow up the White House, did it in the Skies and farm fields of England and other selected countries. Did it by giving mankind a computer, so they could rescue themselves from the TV. Nothing but class all the way, just as the Mayans said it would be. (Everyone looking into a crystal in the end, TV, computer, for the answers). (Quarts) Like the Crop Circles, so simple, so complicated. A story told with a few simple lines and circles, like tone in a word. Where the tone is far more important than the words. With lights in the skies over Arizona and Texas. Now will the Catholics have to rewrite the Bible, or simply remove it and them self's. Proving that religion is no more than big business, with out taxes. Their use to be separation of church and state, but those days are long gone. All religions now have a political agenda. Bush's people admitted using the Christians to help gain power with lies to them. When in fact their thought they where getting over on the other religions. No different than what the people in power did to the Native Americans. All just a bunch of bull shit. Should the Catholic church be put on trial for all their murderous past in history? Does the American government have the same problem facing them? With the "Aliens" now being recognized, why have an organized governments or religion? If you recognize their presence why not ask for some answers. Answers with true power in them, not love "God" because "God" loves you, but you better fear Him. Although, I really wouldn't want to piss Santa Claus off. Thing have changed and it seems no one wants to recognize this, The POPE said their are "Aliens". Their are "Aliens" that walk amongst mankind, isn't this big news? Why does the Pope need protection from the people he supposedly helps? Why, because of all the lies, just as Bush needs protection from the citizens of America. Their both greatly hated by the general public, but still in power, why? All the lies are starting to crumble their houses, the tools of pleasure will turn against them soon (Mayan). Haven't noticed one other religion come out and start poking fun at the Catholics. They must know they are living on borrowed "Time". Things do seem to be going a little faster now. Just like in the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare", mankind is the Hare and the Tortoise is reality. Mankind goes rushing around to nowhere, while reality trudges along, aways the winner. Reality is about to to cross the finish line for mankind. Where did mankind go since the last "Time" the Turtle came by the finish line of mankind's reality? Was it no where, back to the same old bull shit, man trying to control other mankind? Mankind trying to control Mother Nature, and once again failed. Unfortunately that is what has exactly happened since last visit from the Turtle. Do the Catholics finally realize this is about to happen, and are trying to square up with "God", you might say? How long now until people realize this isn't reality? That something has to happen to fire up the new DNA. Is it going to be the Solar Flares from the Sun that ignite the new DNA. (Mayan) What will happen to all the obese and takers, when this happened? Things are speeding up, as my daughter said. Look how fast America has gone down in the last seven years, Bush. What will it look like in three more years at this pace? Thing start multiplying on each other and things just start steam rolling down hill, accelerating faster as it goes. I've watched this, other have to. And in the back ground, Obama and his wife, shuck and jive on stage, the black and the ghetto story. If Obama gets elected, he isn't going anywhere, he isn't told anyway. (JFK) Back to the Catholics, how do they make all this work? Sitting here trying to figure out what the leaders of the Church are going to do with this dilemma. With the "Aliens" doesn't it kind of remove them from the picture of reality? What does this revelation do to some little old lady, who worshiped their lies? How do they tell her they all just lies for power. We don't really know diddly Mame. Catholics, all religions and governments are looking at some hard "Times" ahead. bye

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