Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Body and Soul"

Can you have one without the other, is the question. Is your body created in the sky, and it is up to you to develop a soul to go with it? With the development of your soul, do you advance to the next level? Is life on Earth your first step in this progression? Or did you advance from some other lower life form, such as the animals, plants, or stones? Most Eastern religions believe all thing are living entities on different levels of development. Look how long gem stones have been on the Earth, think of the energy it takes to create a gem stone. Imagine if you could capture the energy from the gem stone. Is energy the living entity in all things organic? Does all that energy go back to "God" when you die? After all "God" gave you the energy for your first breath. Created the place for you to take that first breath. You have no control over any of these events, so why aren't you more humble to your creator "God"? Humble is such a rare commodity in these days of darkness in America. American society is being feed a constant indoctrination of killing and torture, all the way down to the cartoons for the children on Saturday mornings. Trying to stop Americans from developing a soul. People with souls like me, won't do their killing for them, so they must steal yours before you develop one. Why aren't the cartoons full of messages about loving your neighbor, instead of killing him? The American system of mind control, doesn't need the average America walking around with a soul. You can't lead a person around who has a soul, only soulless clones can be programed into how to think. A body with a soul, is the enemy to the American system. Of all the people I have know over the years, only a handful have some sort of soul. The soulless people are jealous of the people with souls. They can't conquer a simple thing like greed, not worrying about there own spiritual growth so they may advance to another level of knowledge. Instead spend their energy trying to fool the other humans from were they came from. They are no different than the uneducated obese person you see all the "Time". As I've said, the lowest of the lowest, thinking they have some great gifted knowledge from "God" himself. They hate them self, for what they know they are inside, soulless. Hitler must of really hated himself, he needed constant reassurance from those around him. Much like the people who control America, their is never enough for these lower forms of mankind. Instead of food it's power and control, absolutely no difference, 'pick your poison' as the old line goes. On the other hand, are you given a soul at conception? Is it then up to the individual for them to develop spiritually. The constant struggle of your decisions about rite or wrong. Isn't your life a constant obstacle before you, of the choices of good or bad, right or wrong. You'll have to make those same choices, even as this very day goes by. Yin, Yang, every where you turn, shall I be kind or not. It may be towards a plant, animal, insect, your environment and family which is really one in the same. Mankind is a product of his environment, not the other way around as your government tells you constantly. Seems those who disregard these ideas are the people in power. The ones who push and bully others around, for personal gains. How could a person with a soul, harm those around them self's? America is controlled by those who have a body, but no soul. A better question is, is Tiger Woods human? A perfect robot for the propaganda machine, keeps people minds off the real reality of thing. The machine must love it. Introduced Tiger to the World at age three or four, father was a decorated solder from the Vietnam era. Father marries and Asian, raises a fine son, all while being a career solder. All to perfect, the public will never for get about Tiger's father, the machine wouldn't let that happen. Went to meet children for a little graduation party for a grandson these afternoon, is all people where talking about was Tiger. Not how bad the wars are going, not $4.00 a gallon gas, did you see Tiger. Mind control at it's finest you could say. Tried to explain that to my grandson, don't know if I got through to him? Hard competing with the machine, when it comes to true knowledge. Although the kid is quite knowledgeable about facts that I wouldn't have know at his age. (the computer) Gave the kid a coin made from one ounce of pure silver. Used it to explain how money is all faith based just as all religions are. The silver is real, the money is in your mind, the mind the government wants to control. Explained to the kid the value of the silver will always be their. The same cannot be said for the American dollar. And that lead me into the Pope's astronomer declaring their are "Aliens" among mankind. Gave the kid a good lesson without him realizing it. The dollar and "God" connection, both being simply put, faith based. Got to even through in my "Alien" buds. All in a days work, he has friends he'll tell, and they will tell others. Like a story from any orgainized religion or cult, covered all the bases. The bottom line for humanity is, "Where's my god, and where's my money". bye

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