Sunday, June 15, 2008

"How Elite Are You When Your Dead"?

Being among the elite when living by pushing others around, what happens in death? There's no one to take advantage of now in death, what was your plan? Personally I believe their is no escaping your deeds from your "Time" on Earth. An elitist must think their is no after live, and the miss deeds committed on Earth will die their, along with them. If you believe this is all to life, be careful what you wish for. Your prayers might just be answered, are you awaiting a eternity of Hell? Watching mankind stumble backwards into the stone age of, who has the biggest club, is saddening. What future is for the children of the Earth, as a few sick individuals try and control the masses. How do they control those who are spiritually educated, with a gun to the head. Here America go, first the Native Americas, then the Black and now everyone. Is it "Time" to see how well armed the average citizen is, when push comes to shove? Speaking of that tune, where has ex Governor Jessie Ventura gone suddenly? Another paper Tiger with out a spine, built with no spirituality, so he could be intimidated easily. In other words, the fear of dieing for what he believed in, wasn't really worth it. Was he was scared of death because he knew what awaited him on the other side, in the back of his mind? "Time" to repay for the sins of life on Earth. (no one really knows you better than you anyway.) His Alligator mouth over running Parrot ass hole? (close) Read where the Irish stopped Europe from electing a Lone president to rule over all European countries. This is not good news for the common man, any where in the World. The beginning of erasing all boarders through out Europe. The Bible has a way of coming to fruition, still believe it's Jesus "Time' now, not 2,000 years ago. Revelations is now "Time", not past "Time". Someone has been trying to warn mankind of coming events in history forever. So many ancient culture carry this same tune in their believe systems. Makes you wonder what event is controlling history. Are people making sure the Bible is true, or are events being control by a greater power from above? All the warning left for mankind, and mankind sits and watches the events, never saying a word. Here I sat an communicate to just of a few, who have knowledge. The pain of knowledge when their are so few to share it with. He we all sit and think, why are their so few of us when it is so obvious. The real brains where separated from the heard. No place for their knowledge among the Heathens. It might give the Heathens some ideas, they would of never thought of on their own. Like, why in the hell are you letting a few do this to you. And they would reply, doing what to us? That's how powerful the propaganda machine is, wow. The true elitist is the one who can achieve the ability to become totally humble. Not the pagan who can't have enough. (Bush and his band of thieves) Mankind instead of trying to become spiritual, has become more and more toward paganism. Most of mankind just simply missed the boat, about why they are even walking around on Earth. And that why you have things like Nibiru running around out their. Keep things in balance with Natures true rhythms. Come through and return the Earth to the meek, by wiping out the elitist "God" knew would be created in "Time". Now to come back and even things up once again. The elitist would be the 180 degrees away, from the person who attained humble. The true meaning of why mankind is on the earth, to help them attain humbleness. Not elitist from those around you, from the top to the bottom of the ladder of mankind.(you have to start somewhere) No place to be uppity upon leaving Earth. Where to the dead elitist go at death, do they get a special place in heaven? Thought only the meek could attain that. Doesn't Santa Claus know what you have been doing here on Earth after all? Do the elitist believe in the "Aliens" power? The American elitist are the Rockefeller types, not the Tesla's of America, the takers not the givers. Their the ones who keep the country at war constantly in one form or another. Timothy McVay or Iraq, it's all the same. Keep the pot boiling and control it, simple stuff. They own all the politicians, let the politicians of America rape the citizens for their loyalty. (I think the Skies will have some decision in all the soon.) Can only recognize them, can't move them, isn't that "Gods" job? After all, isn't it His reality humanity is living in? Our reality was created by something far greater than someone walking around on earth. as the old line goes, " fools rush in where wise men dare to go". bye PS anybody but Tiger

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