Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Just Cruising Through, Looking"

Keep warning everyone I meet, just how bad red meat is for you. Two nights ago an old friend in his mid fifties found out what I meant. He had been going to the doctors complaining about his stomach. They said they couldn't find anything wrong with him. Went to his house to get a draw, from a remodel were doing, left his house at 5 pm, by 8 pm that night, he was in the hospital. Appendicitis, he got lucky, it didn't erupt, 2 days latter he was home. First thing the doctor asked him, if he was a big red meat eater. He's a health food nut like me, but he does, meat, fish, foul. Their was a good example what I've been trying to say, no animal has to give up their life for mankind to survive. In fact mankind would be doing a lot better off in many ways if mankind could control that desire or lust. Always believed that eating of flesh was the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden. To the Hopi, it's the story of why the First World ended. And just as in Revelations, "God" punished the ones who failed. (Onward and upward and "Time" brings knowledge if you let it.) The older I get the more in tune with how to read the Bible I get. Learned not to judge it, but simply to be read as a reference to coming events. Throw out the religious part, you got a history book. No different than many other famous books from the past. (Popul Vuh, Book of the Hopi, Sumerian Test, etc.) Catholics instead of doing the rite thing, turned it into a cult, and the rest is history. Unforunetly they sold the whole idea to the Heathens and they don't get anything much more advanced than, whats mine. ( hand from mouth to penis) Found out about this Author named Galvin Menzies on a Coast to Coast interview. (gregti1967 on You Tube) His two books are best sellers, the years 1421 and 1434. Turns out the Chinese had been in the lower 48 since the year 1421. Turns out Columbus had maps that the Chinese had given the Europeans. (No knowledge of this in any history books in the school system I'd bet.) They wanted to be trading partners with Europe and wanted them to be able to sail to China. The Chinese were so much more advance than the rest of Europe, it would been as if the "Aliens" landed and showed mankind how to travel between Universes. The Europeans still thought the World was flat. Turns out all of Leonardo De Vince inventions where old Chinese knowledge. (Fucking Catholic never stop coming at you with lies.) That's how Columbus knew he would find the new World. Nothing like the Christian soaked versions of history. Now "Time" has taught the World, that the Christians were the villains of history, not the heroes. The rest of the World for the most part, was trying to live as one with Nature until the Heathens (Catholics) with their new found guy Jesus came by to pay a visit and fucked their lives up. And today the Catholics and Christians are still living like the Pagans they were to replace. Their where already Chinese settlements in the Americas. Another example of my generation trying to get the true history of the World out to the general public. Are the Baby Boomers from around the World going to be the last of the educated? The last not in fear to try and tell the truth. Now looking at how every thing in American history has been so tainted, how can anyone trust anything that is told to them? When do you say, I can trust this part? Trying to listen to the morning news now, (as I have done for decades) is imposable now with all the propaganda. Found the best way to listen to the morning news while I drink my morning coffee and read the paper, no sound. Seems the commercials are separated by little quotes that are upsetting and negative. Little sound bites that don't even have to be true, just keep the fires boiling. (constant reminder of how high gas prices are, not dying children in Afghanistan and Iraq) Then give you all the gossip news, the fat guy my age loved talking about Anna Nicole Smith, fucking moron. (Another fat turd telling me how brailliant he is.) This way I can look for Bruce's face in the helicopter and see where the wrecks are. Just as it's always been, take away one sense and the others fill in with a higher degree of ability. Now the morning people on 3TV faces seem twisted and fake when watched without sound. What a difference, you notice how truly primitive their faces are, see why they never got out of Dodge. Their complexion are bad from eating the bull shit they expound about, like Tim Russert. Sad when you can't even trust the local news media. This is why I can't watch the national news, turn off the sound then watch, you'll see. Started doing that after 911, with all the propaganda going on, old Hippie thing. Now it seems, either I'm getting smarter or TV is getting more ignorant. Just seems that nothing is said without some agenda attached to it. Just massive amounts of commercials, even with in the program. Use to love game shows, but the little primitive Jew Howie Mandel ruined that. Now all the game show host look like Howie. (where going to a commercial) All this smoke screen, while back at the ranch Nel's being tied up. (American citizens) TV has become a place to watch auto racing and sports, news is out of the fucking question. America needs Jackie Gleason and the Newly Weds back on the air, fuck all this propaganda. Have to admit, been wonders for my mental growth. Even writing a simple BLOG take research and thought. Everybody should sit down and write about even simple things and see how much you mind gets expanded. Think in terms of, what ever you write will be truthful. See how much your mind process will grow, stop exspanding your knoledge base, or your brain will tell the rest of your body to shut down. What you thought might of been a lie, you'll have to research it now. All those little thoughts in the back of your mind, try and put them together in some order. You might want to march right over and take a hammer to the tube as you grow mentally. Better quit, words don't come easy when you have been working in 112 degrees, cleaning up some morons electrical work. What will happen when all us old tradesman retire? bye PS If you live in Phoenix metro area, Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hover will be talking at Mesa Fire Department on Mesa Dr, and first street at 1:30 tomorrow. She sure helped me when the "Aliens" started making their presence know in my life. The only one I could learn from, sure as hell couldn't ask the government for help. This is all through MUFON Arizona, I'll be their to thank Ruth once again for her help.

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