Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Where is Tokyo Rose"

The carpenters on the job site got tired of listening to whinny white boys screaming (only Eddy Vetters can pull that bull shit off) and changed to a country station. One of the first songs I heard was, something about, don't forget about Osama Bin Laden. Funny, first thought to my head was, 'where is Tokyo Rose', playing music for the troops in the Pacific during WWII. Started wondering if it was a hit or just propaganda the radio was forced to play. What about the guys who wrote and sang the song? Where they simply naive or paid well for there deed, like the news media people? The carpenters accept this subtle form of brain washer, with out even noticing it. Asked one of the carpenters what he thought about 911, he replied, I'm so past that. Said to him that's exactly what the government wants you to think. The kid didn't have a clue to what I was trying to say. (pussy and payday) Sad to say, but the average citizen, has been beaten down. With the bombardment of propaganda and poor diet, they only have "Time" and energy for sex and the tube. For them their reality has been created by the tube. Fill them up with bull shit and send them off to war or work. Been listening to some radio interviews with Jim Marrs on Coast to Coast. Got a little fooled by Billy Cooper, lesson learned. Sometimes I'm still child like naive, but I'm learning to be less trust worthy. Jim Marrs wrote the book "Cross fire" the movie "JFK" was built around. Never had the "Time" to listen to all these so called or self call UFO and government cover up experts. Now that I can't handle any of the bull shit on the tube, I've got "Time". (those around me, moving me along) Jim Marrs sounds the most credible for now, all though I'm still waiting for him to fall down on his own words. (Bush, Cheney, etc.) He's dead on about 911, Iraq and Afghanistan and the people above Bush who pulls his strings. Like a lot of us, wants to know who's really in charge of those in office. Is it the banks when all the smoke clears, follow the money? Well worth anybodies "Time" to listen Mr. Marrs, rah, rah, rah. Knowledge is where you find it. And finding someone you never meet in your life, thinking in your mind set, is knowledge. (one original breath) Day 2 Just got back from listening to Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hover talk. Like I've said before, she was around when I needed someone to help me transition. You can look her up through MUFON of Maricopa county Arizona. She has had a life, took people like Zecharia Sitchin on tours to Egypt in the early fifties. She was at in the beginning of all the UFO research. Worked with Dr. John Mack from Harvard and many more. Grew up in it, never wanted to be involved, it involved her. She was working in LA as a psychologist, when all the UFO events started happening after summer of 1947. That's the way the game is played. Mankind has a plan and "God" has a plan. The old joke, "God" starts laughing when you start making a plan, just ask Tim Russert. She asked me through a friend if I'd come to me to their private meetings once a month. (the has been going on over the years) At first "Time" I said no. Said if I wanted they would let only a few people set in with me. Let her know through a friend I wasn't up for that. Then Ruth offered only me one on one. Still thinking about that, today she said maybe it's "Time" for me to share. She went into simi hiding after Dr. John Macks death. She believes he was murdered, not an accident, I'm not sure. Funny being the one they want to research. We talked about the reason I've been save from things. Laughed about the first "Time" I went out to meet her in Fountain Hills, and a Black Hawk helicopter flew beside all the way down Bee Line highway to Fountain Hills. (wasn't so funny at the "Time', scared the shit out of a son) That's was when Ruth told me, I'm never alone. When ever I see her, I swell up inside, you just don't know. Took a photo of her, I'll post it, also MUFON people filmed the whole thing, maybe it will be on the web site. She is one of the original when women where keep out of the loop.(before Hippies) MUFON in town went from a meeting hall at the local National Guard, to a small training room at a Mesa fire department building. Back to it's roots, it had gotten so infiltrated before everyone left. Ruth came out to give them a helping hand, getting going again. The room filled up with the usual suspects and some newer people a friend told me. Of the fifteen people Ruth meets with privately, 6 have published books. It is all kind of weird, a few I had meet three years ago, out at the base of Superstition Mountain. Ruth asked who had a contact, two women raised their hands, I wasn't going down that road. "God" knows I need some therapy, but not this afternoon. What I wanted to say, I only wanted to say to Ruth. She can take the information and do with it as she pleases. She's done enough for me, keep my dumb ass some what sane these past ten years. Why is it the researchers never are the researched? "God" bless you Ruth, many more years to you, if you want them. bye

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