Sunday, June 22, 2008

"The Middleman"

Ruth reminded me of my job yesterday, the scout, the middleman. She was talking about Nibiru, looking at me. Telling how the Annunaki send out someone or scouts to see how things on planet Earth are doing. (progressing or digressing) Mankind sure could use someone to plead their case to the "Gods" about now. Because if history repeats it's self, it sure as hell did. Now the Man in the Red Cape has returned with is buds. Exit stage right, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya, comes to mind. Ruth talked about how people where going to have to get use to the idea their not at the top of the pecking order, quite the opposite. Soon the character that look like their from a Will Smith movies will be living among mankind, they will have superior knowledge. Sounds like mankind needs a lawyer middleman, hey? Tough to hide all the murdering when someones looking at you from above. Even O.J. couldn't get out of this one. All mankind blaming their failures on those around them, forgetting there them. Bush is the middle man for the devil, he's the face that represents the lies, like the news media. The devil, soulless, Bush's, all in one breath, isn't that easy. And now the the devil, soulless, Bush's judge is arriving once again. Returning mankind into the light by killing off the darkness of, devil, soulless, Bush's. (Bush name representing all power people) How could so many generations of tales be wrong? Said before no one really know how many people have been killed in Iraq. Jim Marrs thinks over sixty thousand, made a good point by saying, number counted had to be killed in Iraq. Dying while being transported or in a hospital in Germany or some where else, wasn't included in the final count. Called the war, Bush and Chaney's and their handelers, their private holocaust, was dead on. With people out their like Jim Marrs, maybe their is a glimmer of hope for America. Their is talk that the World Court is going to bring charges against Bush and his thieves. Going to be charged with the illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. The American public is so brain washed they don't even know this is happening. Bush and his band of thieves have failed at everything they have touched. How can they now possible now do a good job of covering their messes up. Bush's people are trying to pass laws to protect them from prosecuted in America for things done in Cuba to the prisoners from Iraq, and other countries. Absolutely the lowest of the lowest, invade a country illegally, then take prisoners and torture them for being Arab and protecting their own country. Now the Bush people are trying to cover up all their tracks. All of Bush's middlemen all have their own problems to deal with. (whores hang with whores) Bush's handlers must be thinking of ways to deal with those guys from the inside walking around knowing what they know, and the middlemen know this. Guess they will have to kill them all off, make it look like an accident. Just like with the JFK assassination eye witnesses. You would of thought the Bush people would of killed off Scott McClellan guy by now. (dead me don't talk) Lots of dead people in politics these days it seems like. To much money to be stolen, no one guarding the bank. When you invade countries, whats killing an ex-press secretary? Now talk of a nuclear attack on Iran. Always heard stories about the "Aliens" had disarmed all the nuclear war heads after WWII. That the explosion effected things in the Universe. Have no way of knowing, but hopefully mankind won't have to find out. All seems so surrealistic as mankind is having all these encounters now with the "Aliens" now, but on the other hand, America is invading other countries. Acting as if nothing is happening, looking like pigs at a trough. Wonder how much longer this smoke screen will cover up the truth? How much more will the people of America stand for? bye

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