Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"If the Door Bell Rings"

And no one's their, that was no Martian, it's only Halloween. The closing line from Orson Wells, "War of the Worlds". You can go to You Tube, punch in Orson Wells and up comes "War of the Worlds", and other Orson Wells videos. For something that supposedly doesn't exist, the "Aliens" sure are in mankind's hard wiring. Through out history it's their with mankind, in all societies. After listening to the entire radio broadcast, I thought about if their was real panic, just to broken up with commercials and "Time" lines that couldn't fit. Might of been some more of that Jewish twist in their, or self promotion. Just the same, very entertaining, with so many different voices and characters. Much better than anything on the tube. Hopefully as the media is progressively becoming more exposed, you'll see people go back to basics, like listening to the radio dramas or reading. (Can't remember the last "Time" I talked to someone that said he trusted the government or the media anyway). Asked an old friend if he noticed the same thing about the media to see if it was just me, he agreed totally. The bombardment of bad news constantly, then throw in some tidbit about some actor, where is exact words. They sounded like words from my own mouth or Blog. (Must be that collective conscience thing.) Nothing about the World Courts and Bush's reality, on the news, or in the print media, we talked about, and the real news. (I'm betting the "Aliens" get his dumb ass.) Said to him I'd noticed how 3TV had so many short Mexicans on the air now, he said he had noticed that also. (Mexican mother, Filipino father) Both agreed they where working for less money than the whites. He added, all the Mexicans wanted was to be on the air so bad, they'd work for nothing. Said to him their uneducated, he added, uneducated in the reality of thing. Said the best cure is to shunt the the process from your ears. Said that I've turned the sound off and went to a nation network (not so repeitive) and pick and chose what I want to hear, just like the news paper. With in a few days, the sound hardly goes on. Just like quiting smoking, it's a conditioned reflex. Use to have a girlfriend, she stressed me out, sent her away, now that stress is gone. World stressing you out via the media, turn it off, easy, you'll be fine. The old Hippie line about, 'tuning out', really fits now. Hard to control your mind, when you aren't listening, hey. You have the freedom not to be constantly bombarded with propaganda. (Breaking News, bull shit) Go camping for a few days, when you return, see, nothing has changed. Turned on Charlie Rose today for a change, to see if He had changed. He was interviewing some guy about Al Qaeda and 911 as if they really did it, shunt that bull shit. See somethings never change, the TV media lies. Found this tidbit trolling around from yoschi84, don't believe Nazi's invented ufo's??? watch!!! Learned that the Germans media is controlled by the Illuminati. The only thing I didn't agree with was, the Nazi's where only trying to duplicate what they had seen, not what they created from scratch. Flying saucers have been shown through out printed history. Besides the Hopi have flying saucers in their culture. Heard the family name from Jim Marrs before, and the Illuminati family and Bush connection. Some good points on how was Hitler financed (you don't kick another country ass with out money) and that he was a Cultist. The cult thing is still hard for me to comprehend, the backwardness of it. Thought mankind was far more advanced than that ancient thinking. Show how these small minded individual never progressed. Like a fag discovering his dick, and now that's all he lives for, is that dick. Fucked the Planet up with their greed. That's why their are Nibiru's in mankind's reality. These must be the reptilian mind set people, kill or be killed, basic mentality. (lower forms of humanity) They must all believe they are creatures of the Earth. Who knows, maybe they are, maybe they have no future, only the present. Like everyone else on the Planet, have a UFO fly into your reality and see how everything changes in a heart beat. Ask all the folks in Stephenville Texas. Has a way of putting your own little life into perspective, it will make you older, like Moses in the Bible. Getting older is, "when your young, something hits you and you go whats that, older is, I reconize that". bye PS When the "Gods" left last "Time", the top was spinning fine.

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